Safety Issue Fix: Vehicle Remote Unlocks Everything With One Click

I remember reading something on here about how someone had concerns about a using a rental car. One of the concerns was the key fob unlocked ALL the doors plus the trunk/hatchback. This obviously gives someone hiding on the other side of the vehicle an “open door” to jump in.

I own 2 Mercedes - don’t get jealous, I couldn’t buy a new pickup truck if I sold both of them :grinning: - anyway it has concerned me that both of them operate this way. My concern is even greater for my wife even though she has great situational awareness (better than me), but none of us are invincible.

I researched and found the procedure for changing this setting on my vehicles. The procedure is easy, just not intuitive, press and hold the Lock and Unlock buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds. When a little red light flashes on the key fob, the setting has been changed to only unlock the driver’s door on the first actuation of the Unlock button, and unlock the rest of the vehicle with a 2nd actuation of the Unlock button.

Might be worth doing a quick internet search on your own vehicle(s) or the next rental vehicle(s) to see if setting the operation of the Remote Unlock is an option.


Good observation and a great recommendation! So many of us fall into the ignorance of ‘oh, that’s just the way it is.’ And never question why or if it can change. It’s wonderful to see someone using their head - And, even better, sharing with others! One person’s ah-ha moment can become a wildfire in the right place, right time!
Thank You!

Wow… good thread.
Actually my son mentioned to me recently, when I was looking for care replacement.
Most of new car manufacturers (with electronic doors opener) give option how to open the door.
There are two different mechanism you have to check;

  1. how to open door from remote
  2. how to open the door when you park or shut the car off

ad 1: you can program “open driver door” with first click then “open all doors” with double click, or “open all doors” with first click
ad 2: you can program to open doors on PARK, or open doors on TURN OFF.

For security, I always do: “open driver door” first click and open doors on TURN OFF.
I don’t want anyone to jump in my car on any intersection or during traffic stop…

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My wife’s car has a smart key. There is a button on the door handle. As long as the key is in close proximity, 1 push unlocks the door your at(driver, or passenger front). 2 presses unlock all 4. We don’t hardly use the keyless function anymore thanks to this.