Sad day in America,

Or, the incredible, INTENTIONAL burden 12 MILLION (AND COUNTING) illegals put on our infrastructure?


The sad part of this is, they pick a court, at least at the federal court level, that is likely to rule in their favor, a community that has a jury pool that is likely to vote in their favor. And when they win they stand in front of the court house in front of the camera and call it “Justice”.


But it should be a good root beer…. (Abita).


Howard 58. Please stop :stop_sign: assuming. You said . If you met me . You would shake my hand.!! Sir. You need to . Be. A . Man to. SHAKE MY HAND. . Just please stop assuming. Any thing. About what I. Said., your wrong., if fact . I was not talking about. Any thing. You were. Assuming. !!

It may be distressful but not worthy of crying wolf.

Our justice system, and our Constitution are what makes our country the envy of the world. Sacrifice those, and you will have people trying to escape their country here, just like 150 plus other countries whose citizens are making their way here.


KARACAL BROTHER I BELIEVE THAT EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN HAVE THE right to . Live how they want. But by disrespecting.!! The FALLEN. Law enforcement officer. Does . Not help. The lgbq community. !! And . They should. . CALL UNDER DOG. When they. And in trouble . And need. Help. . Seriously if I was . A police officer. And some . LGBQ. Night club. Was in need. I. Seriously would go get a Dosen DONUTS :doughnut: AND . A couple of cups of coffee. Before. I . Even . Went. Code . 3. . Back the BLUE :blue_heart: OR. Call under DOG. . KAZ I . Would be. 10/7 copy that. WTF. RESPECT . Goes with HONOR. And . Protection. .A. Root beer :beer: for the fallen . Officer and their family. Love Bobby Jean . And Debbie ann. That hurt my spirit too hear that . WFT. Sir. WOW. Sharpen UP. :us::blue_heart::100::o::bangbang:

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Sad SOB’s. That’s all I have to say about that.


Welcome to the community James!


OCD here. (Just, inaccurate

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Semper Fi Marine thank you for your service


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