Sa xd-e .45

Does anyone here own one and if so what are your thoughts on it?


The xde 45 I have had for awhile is a reliable shooter. I’ve shot a bunch of 230 gr fmj and 230 gr hydra-shok through it with no issues. The Federal hydra-shok is my carry ammo. You have a few different carry options to choose from and a manual safety if you care to use it. I haven’t tried shooting the wide range of ammo that I’ve put through my little Glocks, but what it’s shot is fine with me.

Personally I don’t have a problem with the manual safety, DA trigger pull, hammer fired, lower mag capacity, etc. I like the little gun and that’s why I carry it.


I’ve got the XDm .40 and it is amazing! It’ll take any load and it has never jammed. I’m sure the .45 would be similar. Shoots smooth like butter.

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The only .40 I have ever shot was a HK USP and I couldn’t tell the difference between the recoil of it and a .45. I have owned a XD sub compact and the thing that bugged me was the bore axis. I may look into a XDm .40, see if I can go test drive it.