S&W M&P M2.0 9mm compact 4" barrel with Ambidextrous safeties

What Kydex holsters have folks used successfully to carry the M2.0 9mm 4" barrel Compact I mention above in the IWB and AIWB position? Seems there are a number of new vendors churning holsters out there from a year ago. I have tried a few at this point, but printing seems to be an issue and gets pricey to keep trying holsters unless there is a money back guarantee.
One I liked was from Forged Tech Holsters but don’t make one just yet for the ambidextrous safeties, Tier1 which prints bad for me, Concealment Express has one that is working but really needs some edges rounded off and one other that did have a return policy but forget the name.
Everyone keep carrying and keep safe!

So perhaps that would be easy fix for you?
Kydex can be re molded and adjusted very easily.
Use any “heat gun” to warm the material up in the safeties spot then holster your handgun and make a proper shape (the material is very flexible). Once the shape is good, just remove the firearm and cool the holster down with cold water.
Other option is to ask local gunsmith if he/she works on holsters. They usually have pretty good tools for holsters adjustment.


I just get my holsters premade with kydex front and leather back


I like concealed carry express but have used others. If you email most of the companies you might find they can help you or at least suggest a good fit or a good fix. I have had a couple of holster companies willing to work with me on holsters

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Everyone has different body shapes, modes of dress, and “printing” standards. If the Concealment Express is working for you but needs the edges rounded off, have you considered takings some 200 grit sandpaper to the corners (or maybe even a Dremel)?

The M2.0, even though it’s a compact, isn’t that small of a firearm. I have a Tier 1 for my full size M2.0, but rarely carry it, and only when I have a loose fitting sweater, jacket, or shirt draped over it.

Also, what is printing on you or how is it printing. Is it related to the style of clothing you wear? Is a uniform or certain standard of dress required? Have you tried adjusting the height, using the wedge, claw, and shifting an inch or so along your belt? Is it an issue with larger shirts? Do you tuck in your shirt? Do you wera a covering garment? I’m just trying to get more info so that you don’t have to waste money on suggestions from others that might or might not be related to the issues you are experiencing.

Are there certain actions you need to do throughout the day that make it print? I had to switch from 4:30 to 1 o’clock because I needed to work on things on the ground often enough that I was concerned with the printing issue.

Last, by printing, do you mean if you stare at it and do things to make it show that you can recognize something under your clothes? Concealing basically a small brick, is going to affect the “curves” of that area to some degree. What degree is acceptable might be different from one person to the next, as well as in some environments. For example, I get a little worried when I have the black clip of my holster show against my brown leather belt. However, someone would have to be staring at my crotch area rather intensely from the get go to notice it… especially with the clutter of other things I have on my belt, including the buckle. This isn’t normal behavior.

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