Running Errands

What I’ve learned since joining the USCCA community and practicing my EDC:

• a gun is “heavy” feeling when all I carried prior was money, keys, phone, and occasionally the wallet.
• a gun with fully loaded magazine + 1 in the camber is both “scary” at first, but also now “heavier”.
• a gun attached to the body with holster makes for new sitting positions…also threading new gun belt through the belt hoops is right up there with me wanting to make the bed each morning, not.
• discovery of empty holster while waiting in line at retail store I equally scary as having to use said missing gun. I could get home quick enough…don’t know why I stayed in line to complete the purchase. Compromises can be costly given the right circumstances.
• I’ve finally decided if I need to put on shoes to exit the house, I most certainly need to practice my EDC. It is at that moment when the gun does not leave my side till I take my pants off again. (Afternoon delights…well they don’t come often to ol’ man me anymore).

• here’s the kicker: I’ve been harping on a relative to practice EDC even while at home. She actually got quite the scare when several shirtless & masks individuals were discovered in the driveway with 1 peering in the basement window. She walked towards the window and heard the excuse, “We thot da house waz abandoned.” They all quickly scampered down the driveway on bicycles. Had this been a real threat, she did not have any firearms on same level she was occupying. Hopefully several ppl got scared enough to start doing the right thing that day.
• finally, you know when you’re doing EDC right when you place the same level of thought as you do about wearing your shoes. I think about my shoes about 2-4 times a day.

Oh, ya, welcome to the EDC community of responsible individuals.