Ruger mini 14s

Anyone have any experience with ruger mini14s they would like to share? Especially in regards to the more recent productions. Looking to get something that isn’t typical and would like to know if the function is at least satisfactory.

A friend has one. It’s accurate, and I’ve never seen it misfire. As a bonus, I feel like John “Hannibal” Smith when I shoot it. “I love it when a plan comes together.”


I had one a few years ago, I loved it. Another one I shouldn’t have let go. I bought it after I fired a AC556. I found mine pretty accurate and reliable.


It’s among the most reliable platforms ever made. I’ve carried Mini 14’s and Mini 30’s as truck guns for decades. They are a lot like an AK, not particularly known for pinpoint accuracy but they’ll run in any condition in any conditions.

I currently own a couple in 6.8 SPC for close range work on hogs, deer, turkey etc and for home defense. In fact I keep one set up for night work next to the bed at all times.

Should someone be foolish enough to break into my home we’re well drilled on simply rolling off the bed on my side where we can “fort up” and when the bad guys get to the bedroom door all hell will break lose.

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Thank you for the question. I’ve always been intrigued by this firearm. If they took AR mags it’d be a no brainer for me.


I had a mini 14, one of the newer builds. Was a great rifle and was always accurate. The early builds had a reputation for being inaccurate when the barrel warmed up but that was fixed. Never had a failure in the two years i had it and always enjoyed shooting it. Sold it to my son cause i had the wants for another gun so i can still shoot it if I want.

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