Ruger EC9S for my wife

I just purchased a Ruger EC9S for my wife. Do you think it will have too much of a kick for her? We have not been to the range yet but we will in the near future.


@Bruce72 You can’t go wrong with a Ruger. I would think a small light pistol would have some excessive
recoil with full house rounds.
I am a die hard Hornaday Critical Defense guy. So if and when you can find them try these. Good luck and good shooting. :us:

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My neighbors wife has the Ruger EC9S and she loves it. She always has it with her. I asked her about the recoil and she said it was a bit snappy.


I haven’t shot it personally, but it is a little gun. Does your wife know how to shoot? You said you haven’t been to the range yet - if you meant ever, this probably isn’t going to be the best gun for her to start with.

If she’s new to shooting, I’d suggest she takes a private lesson and get the fundamentals down cold so she will have a better chance of enjoying smaller firearms.

If she’s shot before, revisiting the basics — especially grip — is a good idea with a small gun.

Let us know what she thinks!


Have you been out to shoot it yet? And can i see a picture of firearm? Bruce72

Jeez, go to the freaking range. What nonsense is this?


Hi @Bruce72 . The EC9S is one of my edc Summer options and I have been very happy with it. My adult daughter has had some experience with it and states that she prefers the larger frame Security 9. But, she’s able to handle it well. With more experience I think she would be more comfortable. It’s just a smaller frame 9mm and recoil is snappy but not unmanageable. It is a very dependable and concealable option with no failures for me. Practice, practice, practice. God bless

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Mhy wife learned to shoot with my Glock 26 about 5 years ago when we were dating. I carry a Ruger LC9s in the summer. She has shot it many times and, of course, likes the double stack Glock due to less recoil but has shot the Ruger enough that she is comfortable with it as well. She is 5’3" and is about a buck 25 with small hands.


We finally made it to the range and she shot through four magazines and loved it. The slide is a bit strong for her small hands but she shoots very well.


The slide will get easier after a while :+1:

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I think if your going with Ruger as a carry piece you should get the Ruger 9 Max. It holds 10 to 12 rounds. The Ruger ec9s only holds 7 to 9 rounds. Just saying… lol


Hello and welcome @NicoleVR
Good choice but also 7-8 rounds that are well placed will make up for it.
From carrying a 1911 I practice to make sure each round goes where I need it to, but I always carry a spare magazine

Welcome to the family sister @NicoleVR and you are blessed to be here.

I bought my wife one and she loves it! It dont have much recoil she will be fine with it.

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Welcome to the family @Jimmy46 and you are in the right place at the right time.

I definitely agree about the Ruger Max 9…a very dependable and very lightweight EDC. The Max 9 is my first Ruger (I have 3 other handguns in 9mm) but I would definitely consider more Ruger purchases based on the Max 9’s performance, feel, and reliability. It is a little “snappy” but controllable being a smaller pistol. It does have more muzzle flash but hey, I’m not sniping in the dark. Another good choice for a very controllable 9mm is the S&W M&P 9 Shield EZ…super easy to rack and rounds are a breeze to load (with no speedloader necessary).

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Does your wife want to go shooting? Have you asked her?

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I have an EC9S, and the recoil is not bad. It works great for pocket carry. However, I wish I had spent a bit more for a LC9S or Hellcat. The sights on the EC9S are not good (even after I painted the front sight orange). I ended up putting a laser on it, which works OK for close range.

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