Roll. call

250 miles south of St. Louis. Big difference in Missouri than Arkansas and good old Conway. Florida is home now. Thank you!

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I introduced myself in the New Member thread but, I should probably do the same here as this is probably where I’ll spend most of my time.
Near Mountain Home, Arkansas where we have a strong (600+ members) club and a sweet range on 300+ acres. Guests are welcome with a member. Hit me up if in the area!
I shoot a little of everything but really enjoy Trap, Bench-rest rimfire, and Carbine / Pistol defensive practice.
I gunsmithed for a few years until I found that there was better money to be made. :money_mouth_face:
Currently serving as Vice President for Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Assoc, our state NRA affiliate.
@Sheepdog556, get-togethers sound like a great idea. BBQ and everything?!!
Looking forward to making new friends here and joining in the discussions!


Are you still posting here? I’m new and not yet sure how to tell.
We may be neighbors.

Heck ya. Going to Bull Shoals at the end of July

Yes I do still post

I live in Okc and drive to Shawnee to go to Shawnee outdoors

Much better atmosphere at Shawnee Outdoors than at say H&H in my opinion. Nothing wrong with H&H just too crowded