Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke”

This AR-15 picture is just for you Beto (I have never actively disliked anyone 1/2 as much as I did you) I’ve been offered in excess of $2,000 for it as that’s my competition rifle minus it’s optics. Got a red dot on it for wife right now as I have a pretty bad bicep tear and ligaments tear. I seriously doubt that the buy back you proposed would have given anywhere near that value.

He never had a chance. But, he will always be remembered as the " father of the out and out gun confiscation, movement". I will always believe that some group or individual paid for his “candidacy” so that he could bring forced gun confiscation into the national conversation, so that gun control Democratic candidates will appear more more moderate. He has already done irreparable damage

Plus you know the book deal and lecture tour is just begging for him.

I’m a compassionate man but he is a waste of a second chance and a coward. To have done what he has done and his response is to metaphorically “spit” in the face of the men and women who have fought and bled for and even died for.

I have nothing but contempt for him. I loved watching him on national t.v. cry because someone told him here’s my AR-15 come take it, and he claimed that person was trying to intimidate and silence him but his answer was to send someone else into harm’s way to confiscate their guns. I applaud every police chief or Sheriff that spoke out against him

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There is politics and then there are people bent on tearing down America and Americans.
Rather than making scenes and letting our emotions get in the way, we need to go back to the basics. Every champion team or army, when they get down, goes back and studies, practices, and emphasises basics. They come back with more organization and skill…and win.
Our basics in elections is platform. Stress the platform and the planks in it. Talk to people calmly, and ask is this what you want for America? Is this what you want for your grandchildren?
People get caught up in the furor of the game, but when the last touchdown is made, many can’t tell you any of the individual players or what they accomplished or fumbled. People are like this with elections. They get caught up in the drama. Some are so ardent they won’t be swayed, but many good people are deceived because of the emotions. They really aren’t looking at the facts.
Calmly show them the party platform. It’s in print. Contact your party headquarters.
Calmly point out positions in the party platform. Point out that this position in the opposition’s platform is something you know they don’t want, but this is what that party’s candidates will bring about if elected. Show them how your party takes the proper stand.
You must get people thinking. When emotions take over, unless they are the proper emotions, logic and good sense is abandoned. Let’s not let America elect an administration only because so many are just riding the current of people around them or the current of the media. We don’t need the media to tell us what a candidate stands for, we can just look at his platform.
Remember what I had to learn the hard way. If a skilled fighter allows himself to be overcome with anger, he will not defeat his opponent, rather he will defeat himself.
Calm heads, steel nerves, unshakable motivation, dedication, and a great knowledge of how to use the basics is how we go the distance and win the decision.
Oh yeah…you have to be able to take some punches too.
A thin skinned fighter bleeds too easily and loses too easily. Fighters toughen up their skin and muscles so they can shake off the hits.

Cornyn has been a decent senator but he’s never had Cruz’s popularity this more vulnerable than Cruz.

I suspect we’ll see an extremely high turnout next year so just about anything could happen.

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@WildRose I think so Charles, stay tuned it’s going to be a show :scream::scream: Here in IL I expect no real charges
I’m hopeful for a politics free day today, yesterday was very over the top and I don’t want to alienate anyone so I’m not voicing any opinion because everyone seems to be too emotionally invested in these politicians. Ever since I remember since Eisenhower politicians lie and they have all lied for votes. If this tread keeps its momentum going I am going to delete it from my favorites. I’m not here to argue with anyone. We’re all Americans, we are all committed to self-defense, we’re all committed to the Bill of Rights. I’m with our friend @Dawn and our friend @Zee this tread is Not for personal attacks or partisan politics. After all we do not want to discourage anyone ANYONE from coming in and thinking there’s a bunch of Right Wing crazies here and never coming back.

Beto is gone, but we’re far from out of the woods with 2A.

I have a “special beef” with “Beto”. He got his second chance. Rather than be a standard bearer for those coming behind him, he is the poster child for “why risk giving that second chance”. Most of you know me as a nice guy. I’m not. But for 2 extraordinary women I would have been a wolf , not a sheepdog.

I, take the 2A seriously, to me it is a social contract between my country and me. It means that I and my judgement are trusted enough, to be that protector, when the police are however far away.

Robert O’Rourke ( You do know “Beto” is a fake Hispanic nickname he gave himself to win over Latino voters so he would be relatable.) Right now, people don’t really understand the long term damage he has done to those of us who do care about the 2nd Amendment. He brought Gun Confiscation out into the national conversation. That’s now an idea that Democrats are looking at now, All of the leading Democratic candidates now have a “confiscation” plan prettied up.

What do we, law abiding citizens have? The 2nd A that the Democrats seem determined to cut out.

I am totally going to steal that, @Zee!!

Being passionate about your self-defense in 100% acceptable and important! Part of that self-defense is knowing how to protect yourself online. Just like you are responsible for every round that leaves your firearm, you are responsible for every word you put online.

Self-defense is a personal thing - it is not a democrat or republican thing, it is not a liberal or conservative thing.


@WildRose If there is a silver lining… everyone knows who Beto is now. His criminal record, Anti-2nd positions, the “murder fantasy” writings… the list goes on and on. Cornyn has a lot to work with if Beto challenges him.


Beto is gone but all the other Dem candidates have gun control on there agenda as well.


Beto finally found a job he is qualified for.

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I have posted this photo in another thread, but it case you missed it… Meet “The Beto.” It’s a Colt M4A1 with a Colt M203 grenade launcher that I recently put together. The real Beto has an open invitation to try it out whenever he wants since we’re both in Texas. #ComeAndTakeIt #LightenUpFrancis


@VirtualGuitars That’s a stitch “The Beto” it sounds like it should be something you order like a pizza I’d like THE BETO