Robbery in Progress: Lifesaving Lessons From a True Story | USCCA

Ever wonder what it would be like to be disrupted by the sound of glass shattering in the dead of night as a gang of robbers broke into your property? Sounds like a nightmare, right?

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I won’t be able to watch this live but there is NO WAY I want to miss this!!!

Will it be available for later download? (I know this is a silly question as I know it will be based on USCCA’s history of amazing viewable downloads.)


How can this be live if its already taped. Maybe it’s just a reenactment. Strange if you ask me

This is all new to me, my first time as I am a new member, but it could be live discussion after seeing the tape. Just a thought, but I do not know

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Is there some delay or did I get logged in improperly?

At least he had video that showed what they did. Good thing.

A lot can happen in 13 minutes

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They are talking about past events, showing CCTV recording and talking thru lessons learned and making recommendations about how to act


Looks more like a burglary than a robbery

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Good decisions. They were just punks with bats. Not worth any legal jumbo. Identified later anyway. Too bad window broken, door kicked in? Thankful for my USCCA insurance as a good law abiding citizen especially now. Good work team!

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How to react would depend in the state where you live. Having a loud alarm in the place will make the criminals run. I would take a safe, covered position and be ready. 4 or 6 criminals against an AR15 with large magazine is not a fair, for them that is. In Vietnam we faced worse odds, 11 to 1 and came victorious. The messed with the best, US Marines and died like the rest.
Reality says, the anti 2nd amendment commies will prosecute law abiding citizens who defend their lives to scare them and make them give up their firearms. When police are criminalized and criminals worshipped, we turned the corner. In my native country I saw the same thing. The police became targets of accusations and jailed when the criminal cried human rights violations. Cops went to jail, the criminal free. Now, crime is everywhere and anarchy rules. Beware is here and will get worse until the libs get their way

Well done. I’m new to all this but I must agree about the thought process. I have eight cameras around my house and yet my first reaction is to run headlong to the noise rather than check the cameras. I could definitely use more mental discipline.

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Yes sir, must have changed. This is a true story. In fact, it’s been over 3 weeks now that it’s been “under review” while I do not have my ccw card/s. I called to check in and was told nothing has changed & they are “still looking into it”. I admit, the firearm was not locked in the console, but it WAS locked in my truck on my property. I told them the truth and stated it was not in a “lock box” nor does my console lock, so I bit the bullet, told the truth, and punished for it. Hopefully they give my permit back and everything goes back to normal. But yes sir, it did in fact happen, so something must have changed?

Sorry… I was replying to a previous post about my truck being broken into and a firearm being stolen & my ccw has been taken from me and put into review.

Mr Pope, I’m a new member to USCCA. This is the 1st video I’ve watched on this website.
I appreciate you sharing your attempted burglary and break in. I can understand the emotions to ‘protect’ your property (we should ALL be able to do that), but as you said, it’s more important to maintain presence of mind and keep you (and yours) safe. I agree.
What struck me about the video was… yes, you incorporate cameras, but you did not spend money to ‘fortify’ your busienss (even after the 1st attempt)? Since you run a Firearms training center, would this not be one of the 1st things you would do to the building is to put up Solid Doors? Bars over the windows, etc., to prevent ANY entry? seems it cost you a lot in damages, The perps, I’m sure, did not compensate you for that damage (and never will). sorry this happened to you. seems like a lot of busienss owners are losing a lot of money to these types of looting. sad, very sad.

When I was there, we would have investigated as a theft, brush for fingerprints, the whole route. One of my daughters lives in corning and the other lives in san diego, they both are conservative and tell me how bad it is under newsome. I will pray for you to have a good outcome. That is rediculous

It’s available to watch now (click on the link in the initial post of this thread). :slight_smile:

Watched the replay last night. It was very good and amazing how quickly the robbers came and went. All very good advice from the homeowners perspective and the thought process he went through. He made the right choice…protect the family #1

Lethal force cannot be used against an attacker when they are fleeing - except in rare circumstances. If you shoot at an attacker who is fleeing the scene, you can be considered the aggressor in that situation and be charged as such. Shooting at a moving vehicle leaving the area is not a good idea as there is a good chance you will miss or the shot will go through the vehicle and possibly injure an innocent bystander.

Please remember that your comments can be used against you in court if you ever have to legally defend your physical self-defense actions.

If we need another person to tell you how to act they shouldn’t be carrying WOW!