Robbery gone bad

I can’t find the story now but yesterday a 20 something year old man walked into a resturant that was being held up and was engrossed in his phone and didn’t notice the guy at first. When he saw everything the robber turned the gun to him and demanded the phone. I think this man may be a very cool acting individual as he was giving the phone to the guy he managed to get his own gun out and one shot in the neck and robbery over. he waited for the police and they say he will not be c harged. I don’t know what kind of training he had but he had to have been very well trained and practiced to do this. Congrats buddy. I do know though that this will haunt you for years to come so you need to talk to someone about it.


Here’s the story…
Armed robber demands cash at Philly Wingstop. But customer with license to carry walks in — and puts perp down for good with one shot. - TheBlaze


If only he would have used non-lethal force.
Safe Our Criminals!

A tee shirt coming near you.

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This :point_up_2:t4:


I’m figuring that while the robber was taking the phone he probably lowered his gun to grab the phone and the armed citizen saw an opportunity to reach his pistol and get that one round off, close range, end of story.


Training an more training an then continuous training of the mind an muscle memory works together. An its what people have told in their experiences, some has even said it was over before realizing what they’ve done, hope none of has to endure this, but hope we are all capable of it if need be!

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