Road trip incident.....

While traveling to one of our favorite destinations last summer (about 5-6 hours from home) my wife and I experienced what I will call an “incident”.

Our preferred vehicle for road trips where it is just the two of us is an older, kinda flashy car. Comfortable, roomy, well handling and powerful. Sometimes it attracts more attention than I like but it is an excellent “road car”.

This trip we decided rural highways at a leisurely pace while enjoying the scenery.

Traffic was sparse, mostly what were certain to be locals. Relaxing drive until we approached an intersection where (no stop sign) two highways forked and branched off. Sitting at this intersection, in the lane of traffic we were traveling was an older Hyundai Santa Fe.

Me, figuring it was an elderly and confused driver, stopped at a few car lengths distance behind and waited patiently for them to adjust their mental compass and choose a direction. While sitting there I see the reverse lights come on and the Hyundai starts backing up, stops and pulls forward a few yards. Well we think this verifies a confused elderly driver while still waiting patiently. Again reverse lights and backs even further than before, close enough for me to see the persons face driving in his rearview mirror as I start backing away. A man 40-50 years of age. Thankfully this being a road less traveled we were the only two cars involved. Again he pulls forward and again reverse lights.

At this point I can now see that this is not a person confused in their navigational skills, and that this behavior is intentional. As the Hyundai yet again closes distance my choice is not to be backed down a two lane highway but instead to drive around giving the Hyundai driver a wide berth. Having done so and pulling some distance I am now watching my rearview after we crest a rise in the road…sure enough he is coming.

Now on our road trips there are at least two handguns present. One on me and one in the door pocket next to momma. I tell momma “He’s coming. Get it ou…” “I have had it in my lap since this started. You just drive!” she says.

I stay at a reasonable speed as he closes and then flies past us and immediately slows.

Let me just say here that driving is kind of a hobby to me and driving, ahem, “spiritedly” is my favorite part of this hobby. Being as such I was truly confident in my ability to out maneuver this idiot in a Hyundai who obviously had some sort of mental break happening as we arrived at that intersection.

Long story made shorter, we ended up clear of the situation and most important of all safe.

I now know for certain that in this type situation that momma under stress can and will act. You do not know how much of a relief just knowing that really means to me. Momma is a quiet, loving and timid soul. Knowing that she has the “switch” is comforting.

Thoughts and share


did you call 911?


Good to hear.

And if you don’t have one or two yet, I highly recommend grabbing a dash camera. Now that they are becoming mainstream and popular they are far easier to buy and use than in days past, just hit up Amazon or drop in to Best Buy or similar. Viofo, Street Guardian if you aren’t sure on brand but there are a lot of decent options that are plug and play.

And +1 to the above, I think an in progress call to 911 using hands free in the car (or by the passenger) is justified in a scenario in which one feels the need to get the gun out into their hands/the scenario described. To start the reporting and tracking of what happened if something happens, or to get LE out to find the guy and have a chat at a later time before it’s another person they are going at


Thanks for sharing. Surely, there are lessons at least for me to learn from your experience.

Great situational awareness on your part, especially momma’s.

I had something similar months before I received my CA permit and days before receiving my UT nonresident permit.
On a road trip, we were cruising at 70mph on the right lane when I noticed from the rear view mirror a car flying in the fast lane then changed lanes in front of us and slowed down to 65mph.
We had a rental that had less than 100 miles on it, the clerk said it was just offloaded. The other car looked like a 15-year old salvage vehicle.
My daughter who was driving at the time thought what the other driver did was stupid and wanted to go to the left lane to pass. I told her to keep distance—It was about 10pm on I-80 NV with hardly any residential and commercial areas for miles. While I was prepared, avoidance was what’s on my mind.
We slowed to 40mph until the car in front of us disappeared.


I really didn’t think of it. IDK why? At least a phone call with a description and plate number. This encounter lasted probably 5-7 minutes. Seemed longer at the time it was happening of course.

We hadn’t been away from our routine back home for quite some time and we quickly put it behind us as to not put a damper on the trip.

He ended up on the shoulder of the highway nearly in the ditch gathering his thoughts. Impaired me thinks .


I have been eyeballing them for some time now. I am most assuredly technologically challenged and do appreciate your suggestion.

Yes, in hindsight I agree that reporting the incident would have been wise. Especially if he was intent on making a mission of screwing with other drivers that day. Just thinking of moving on from there was actually kinda selfish when I think about it now. Just hope that the result cleared his thinking.

This is a very rural area. Meth along with other distractions from reality are common. This guy was most definitely suffering from an acute mental deficiency.


Wise advice to your daughter. Let the idiot be the first to arrive at their wreck and don’t be a part of it.

Our encounter was on a two lane highway and this idiots actions required direct and decisive involvement.


I once ordered from temu, yeah the commie Amazon. Mea culpa:pray:t3:
It was worth $20, installed one Sunday morning before church. On the way home, a kid on a bike hit us. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt except for a bruised ego. Even better, I had the incident on video which was handy when I voluntarily reported the incident to local PD.


Ya know Brother
You did great, Momma also
Never is a situation more perfect when you have an Armed Wing-man (or Woman)
(in this case). that’s got your back.
I think you will remember to record an incident in the future if it happens again (God forbid)
With you brand spanking new camera(s) or a note pad, Pen and cell phone.
There is NO fault here in not calling the man in. Karma will catch up w/ people in their own good time.
You did Fine
This is how we learn and if there is a next time you will do better
You protected yourself and momma, you protected your ride, NO SHOTS FIRED
NO incident reports/lawyers needed , JOB WELL DONE!
It’s Natural if this shook you up @ the time (Adrenaline is a funny thing. While it heightens your awareness it dulls the others senses a bit so you don’t get overwhelmed (@ least for me it does)
And if it didn’t then excellent job keeping your head.
Simple stuff like taking a cell phone pic or pushing the record button on a camera may not occur
to someone but ‘BOOP!’ all of a sudden the Guns out and up! How the hell did that happen ? (Training)
My philosophy is (after the fact) if I and mine are all alive and safe–Kudos, I did it right
I can next day quarterback my actions in a constructive manner saying coulda, shoulda
from the comfort of my couch and my favorite beverage. Life is good!
It’s just amazing the crap that I AVOIDED (on the roads, in Battle etc) Just because I was paying attention and using Situational Awareness. I look back on some stuff and say Thank-you for not being a woke idiot
Donald and THAT could have been really bad if I had my face stuck in my phone or not looking around.
I avoided what could have been a terrible accident on the Highway when I noticed a car in the next lane. Their front tire looked ‘wonky’, just didn’t look right–loose lug nuts? Tire going south? I slowed down, gave them space and BAM! their tire separated from the car flew across the lane where I could have been, slammed into a car in the third lane and the car went sideways and shot across in front of me also.
Just because I noticed something off I avoided a wreck.
Nice going once again.


Thanks Don102.

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Do not tuck the gun in your lap, in a crash it could leave by itself. Look for a holster or even a good magnet. I usually am alone , but I have a revolver locked, but quickly available and any longer trips I pull my concealed out and put it in a holster by my right leg. I am glad you car carry because driving has become challenging.


The gun was not free. Momma had it in her hand as the incident was unfolding. No “loose” firearms in the vehicle at anytime.


OK just be aware