Rifle Training

I’m working on getting sharper with my rifle. It’s just a Marlin 22, but I am negotiating to get an AK-47 to add to the collection. What are the tips and strategies that took your rifle skill to the next level?

I am shooting tight groups at the max range of my…range…which is 25 yards or so. I don’t have a scope or anything, and I target about a 3-4 inch radius of my target…which is difficult for me to see at that range, but I manage. I do have a habit to pull to the right a touch.

Thanks for your help

Hey Michael,

So, there’s lots of youtube videos on improving your rifle accuracy and proper shooting techniques. I’d highly recommend checking them out.

As far as buying an AK…knock yourself out. They can be fun to shoot, but also tend to be expensive…kind of like an AR. Anytime I bring either/both out to shoot with friends, I watch as my ammo quantity gets depleted in the blink of an eye because not only are they semi-automatic, but it’s just a heck of a kick to rapid fire them.

Now, indoor ranges might have restrictions on what caliber you can shoot so check with them IF they allow 7.62x39 rounds (your AK round) or what they allow and prohibit. Otherwise you’ll need to find some outdoor range or BLM land to shoot at.

Have fun!


Thanks Erik. I will definitely be going to the Game and Wild Life range to shoot the ak…That one is outdoors and free…you just have to have a hunting license. My buddy is selling it, and I helped him move… so maybe he’ll give me a buddy deal…lol…either way, I want it!

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Good for you. Your buddy is willing to sell you a complete shooting range. That’s a terrific deal. Oh wait, perhaps I read that wrong. Lol

Actually… kinda on that too…he has land and we are going to set up a range on it!.. So we won’t have to wait for a spot and we can also shoot targets that are made of something other than clay or paper…can’t wait!

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Not having a range does hinder you. I have 200 yards available to me at my buddy’s house. I have a Marlin model 60 that shoots 22s and I practice with iron sights at a hundred yards. Now I know people are going to question this, but I don’t care. I do it all the time and I’m quite accurate with a 22 and 100 yards. 2-in groups from a 14 + 1 magazine tube.

The way I got that way was just slowly going longer.
It at 25 yards. When tighten up your groupings, then move to 30 and then 40 and then 50 and stay at each one until you have it tightened to 2 in groups. Now when I drop back to 50 yards I’m blowing out little holes because I’m hitting the same holes on a regular basis, easily smaller than 1 inch groups at 50 yards.

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Rifle shooting is a whole bunch of different disciplines so I’d need to know more about what you are looking to get better at to be helpful about your request. If it’s defensive shooting think of your rifle as a long handgun. The way you have your natural body stance when you hold your handgun at HCR just extend your hands out to hold a rifle and there you go. Hold your wings (elbows) close to your body.

That’s just your start. Bench shooting and Shooting from field positions for hunting are as different as night and day. Then you have to discuss slings and their use, shooting sticks, tripods, bipods, non traditional positions… :joy:

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Lol… Maybe I’ll take a class…I just want to be generally skilled… For defense… And then increase my accuracy and distance for hunting and fun

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Good luck with that. Most of the AK style weapons are fun to shoot. They tend to eat any ammo you load them in…even the cheap TulAmmo. They’re fun to shoot and you technically can mount a red dot or scope on them if you want. They’ll be decent out to about 350-400 yards but 400 is pushing the limits. The rounds tend to go where they want to go by around 380 yards. Not to say you couldn’t hit the target at 500 or 600…just that you’ll need to do a little Kentucky Windage and lob them in on target. :wink:

And I’m probably going to infuriate the AK lovers out there by saying that but I’m more partial to the AR platform. I have an AR configured to fire the AK round (7.62x39) for fun. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and have fun.