Rifle anyone?

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:
I just completed the acquisition of wat I consider the necessary firearms, that being: Pistol, shotgun, bolt rifle, semi-auto rifle, with a Savage Model 10 bolt action in .308 Win.
It has an Arken 4-16x50mm illuminated reticle scope on top, bore sighted, awaiting me to zero it this coming week.

I am curious if anyone here has experience with Arken Optics? Since they were recommended by my armorer, priced right, and had good reviews, I figured one would be fine for the .308. Always good to hear the experiences of others tho, hence this thread title…

I will be zeroing with Federal 150gr rounds, at 100 yards.
Added a Harris S-series bipod, plus a bubble level on the scope itself. Once zeroed, and once I can get rifle primers again, I’ll work out a load for the thing that I like best…takes time.

In any case, I’d like to hear if anyone has experience with the Savage Model 10 in .308, or Arken, along with opinions of those who own these.

Thank you all.


Nice assortment of hardware. IDK anything about Arken

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Savage makes very good rifles. I was really zeroing in on one but ended up getting a good price on a Tikka Tactical.

I have no experience with Arken but the reviews look good for the price.

@Craig6 would probably be you best source for zeroing and tuning your rifle he has several really good posts on the topic.


Yessir, am betting on this Savage living up to the reputation…it’s heavily customized with a folding stock etc. The Arken Scope, well, I will find out this week how it does. The reviews are indeed good, and for the price, if it lives up to those, I’ll be very happy!

Can’t say I need help zeroing and tuning, but do thank you for the recommend :slight_smile:
Ya all take care


Sometimes hard to keep track of who the experienced and newer shooters are around here. I just assume a new shooter will read this thread some day🙂

My experience with rifles is fairly limited but growing. Let us know how it works out at the range.

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I posted in the wrong thread

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Savage rifles are an excellent “bang for the buck”(no pun intended) rifle. I’ve only experienced one Arken scope. It was a 4-16x50, I believe. It had excellent clarity, and nice tactile clicks when adjusting. I only shot a couple of shots with it, but, on the rifle we were using(243) it did just fine. I don’t how they hold up in the long run.

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@Shamrock “You rang?”

I’m a big fan of the Savage 308 Model 10 primarily because it is one of VERY few heavy barreled 308’s that comes in a 1:10 twist which is sooper important if you want to shoot anything over 168gr and have a 20, 22 or 24" ish tube. Not to mention the fact that with some pretty common hand tools you can swap tubes to whatever flavor you wish in the same action length.

Arken: I’ve actually been sniffing around looking for one of these to get my hands on. @JeffA1 has one on his PSR AR-10 build and I’m hoping to convince him to come down for some range time after the new year. I used to work for a top 3 scope maker so I’m pretty particular about my glass and knobs. His indications are that the scope is more accurate than he, the ammo or the rifle which is a good start for an optic. At their current price point I may just go ahead and “pull the trigger” to get one. Alas Optics Planet had a too good to pass up deal on a USO 3- 12X FFP with a Mil reticle and 0.1 Mil knobs which I couldn’t pass up last month so my play money before Christmas is a bit thin.

I would very much like to read about your observations of the optic when you get it. I can also teach you pretty quickly how to use it if you’ve never run or calibrated an FFP scope before.




K, I reeeeeally need to put a tape measure to my barrel. Pretty sure its 20", but really should verify.

I’ve not been able to get this rifle to range yet…I will, soon as possible.

As for scope stuff, thanks, I’m fine with all that. I’m an old School guy who even keeps a Mil Dot Master card on hand :)))

Appreciate all the replies!


Youtube reviewer Cyclops has had nothing but good things to say about the Arken Optics. Cyclops is a very hard user of scopes, so I feel that if it passes him you should be good. I bought an Arken and a Blackhound based on his reviews.
Good Luck


I’ve been looking at Riton scopes after his reviews. He’s kind of entertaining too.

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