Revitalizing a sticky holster

I have a sticky pocket holster that worked quite well when I first got it. The manufacturer is called nighthawk holsters and I believe mine is a size 3.

It fits my p365 quite well after I used the seam ripper to pull out an inch or so of threads allowing the gun to sit fully in the holster.

The interior surface of this holster is somewhat slick but the exterior surface is sticky. It sticks to fabric in one’s pocket so that when removing the firearm, the holster stays behind. That is the idea anyway…

When I first got it, it would fill up with lint every couple months, and I cleaned it off by rolling the lint off of the surface of the holster with my thumb. I think I used duct tape at one point to also just suck the lint off of its surface.

It’s a weird texture. A bit like Nickelodeon slime but not liquid enough to permanently stick to clothing. The color is tan. I’m learning now that there might not be a specific name for this exact model of holster.

A year later maybe 2 years later after using it everyday, the surface is losing its stiction.

Is there any way to revitalize this surface or do I just need to buy a new holster?

How long should holsters like this last?

Holsters in general?

What about the phlster enigma? How long does that last?

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The pocket holster I use isn’t sticky or grippy on the outside. It kinda has a hook so to speak. In order to prevent it from coming out of my pocket I make a conscious effort when drawing to make sure the holster comes off the firearm in my pocket.

I replace my holster every year or two because it begins to conform too much to the handgun and my pocket.

filter enigma?? I looked it up and seems to be something for bass guitar players. I can’t help you there.


I like pocket holsters, but only under certain circumstances. I find good use for them sometimes. Can be smart.

Know someone who used to just holster in pant pocket, without a holster. Hoping to gift them a pocket holster. Aside from lint, I fear a thread from the pants will catch the trigger and “boom”.

I’ve been leaning toward hip care such as 3 - O - Clock, no matter how small the “arm”.

When I do pocket carry, I go revolver, hammerless; or semi un-chambered with safety on; thus leaning toward DA/SA semi’s where the 1st round requires DA pull. I worry bout accidental shot to inner thigh or “private parts”.

I wonder if tape ruins the sticky quality. I prefer un-scented sticky roll lint brushes. In fact, before and or after washing pants/shorts, pull the pockets inside out - run the lint roller across em, might prolong the life of the sticky holster.

Surprised Sticky brand Co. not sell hook feature, maybe it’s a patent violation I wouldn’t know. I imagine the sticky quality is temporary anyway. I’m leaning towards a hooked feature which has some stick quality.

Not sure what “filter enigma” is?

Please practice safe handling. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I’ve got a Sticky md4, for my G43. Had it about 4 or 5 years now. It’s not sticky at all, but I wear it usually iwb and it doesn’t go anywhere. I learned practicing with this gun that drawing has the sticky come with the gun sometimes, so I practice sweeping the holster off with my off hand. Other times the sticky stays where it should but I do the sweep as part of my routine.
Filter enigma…Filter is a kewl band, and filter enigma sounds like a song that Tool would play. Yeah, I know…thanks for nuttin’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Two options: 1. Call the manufacturer and/or check their web site. 2. Mild soap and warm water. Wash gently several times, rinse with fresh water, and allow to air dry.

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Do you mean the Phlster Enigma holster? I don’t know anything about it, but I just looked it up based on your post.

As for your pocket holster. I believe the methods you were using were not good for it. If it is a soft, sticky rubber, washing with water should remove the lint. Just let it air dry afterwards. I have some rug adhesive pads that are a soft, sticky rubber, and that is what the instructions state to do. If you cannot get the lint off with just water, as @Larry130 stated, a bit of soap should help, just be sure to rinse well to remove any soap residue.