Returning to Worship?

As the restrictions are slowly starting to lift around the country and we cautiously return to a more normal way of life, one of the big things people are looking forward to is going back to their houses of worship.

As you return to your Sunday (or other day of the week) services, how will your situational awareness change?

How are you preparing to go back to your house of worship safely?


We open on May 31st and my wife and I are looking forward to it. I’m in the security ministry and we have been talking and all look forward to it.


As an Illinoisan, we can have only groups of 10 in the building, or a “drive up” service, which we are starting today. As sad as it is to say, I will now be watching for law enforcement. Not as a welcome to them, but, knowing that some of the state officers are in lock step with the governor’s unconstitutional EO, and have already shut down several businesses for not doing as they are told. At some point, I’m sure we will be violating he edict, and now, he is threatening jail time for business and individuals that do not comply.


I’m waiting for real end of WuFlu danger.
I like to be at Church and not to be distracted thinking about social distancing and wearing or not face masks.

So far I’m still praying at home…


I am part of the safety team (we are “eyes and ears,” no more than that), so I will go back with the same level of situational awareness and preparation I had before. We’re still online until at least the end of June, according to a recent message from our pastor.


We had our first reopened service this morning. We had masks and hand sanitizer. Everyone was good. The livestream computer died part way though.

Our pastor says that if you’re sick, stay home. We have a thermometer, and we will be checking temperatures.


My church is planning on opening for outdoor services beginning the first Sunday in June. The pastoral staff has started a plan and I am waiting on receiving a copy to review it with my team for safety and security purposes.


Today was our second week of resumed services. We don’t have a building of our own, but meet in a Senior’s Community Center, so we are following guidelines they set out, along with the states’ (Texas) guidelines for distancing, wiping everything down with wipes when service is over, etc. Masks are optional, and thus far, only one family wears masks, due to one of their sons having a congenital heart defect.

Security team (so far) is myself and the pastor carry. I sit so I can see him and across the congregation. From where he stands, he can see out into the parking lot (the back wall is all glass), and he can get my attention if he sees something sketchy.

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Yes Mike we open up May 31 and our team is gearing up. Business as usual but with Social Distances in play. Stay safe out there and we serve an awesome god and we are covered, never worry.

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