Retention shooting: Revolvers, Auto-Loaders (Blowback & Recoil)

How would your retention shooting plan change based upon your carry gun?

Do you carry a revolver? What about as a backup?

Do you have multiple weapons you vary based upon the situation? Does your retention shooting plan need to change?

Does your auto-loader operate via blowback or recoil? Does this even matter?

Ported barrels…cylinder gap…hammerless…

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Depending on size of gun, proximity of threat and whether I already was able to resolve with other tools.

I carry a small J-frame revolver, a S&W 642, loaded with a single round of snake shot (staged for the first pull of the trigger) followed by JHP. The larger grip fits my hand and locks the pistol in place. This is my EDC. It’s also my backup when carrying a larger auto-loader.

Retention technique with this piece is easy, so long as you grip it tightly.

However, when I was trained on retention shooting with my duty auto-loader, I couldn’t employ it like a revolver. Reference the OP at the top for a great article by Wagner.

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