Resistance to Violent Crime: What Does the Research Show?

Interesting post by Greg today, this particular paragraph caught my attention:

“ Many other firearms used in crimes are broken or non-functional. In a study of weapons seized from criminals by my police department, 13% of the seized firearms were non-functional. We commonly encounter weapons with broken firing mechanisms, weapons loaded with the wrong magazines or ammunition of the wrong caliber, and weapons clogged with grease or debris. To mirror the earlier referenced study, an additional 28% of the weapons seized from criminals by my department during the last few years have been unloaded. Combine the broken guns with the unloaded ones and you will see that 41% of the actual guns seized from criminals wouldn’t work!”

41% that’s a pretty significant number of guns that wouldn’t work!


I have always told my daughter (13) that if she is in any danger, to fight, scream, gouge, bite…do everything in your power to get away. She has a good knowledge of firarms safety and with in the next month, we will be heading to the range for the next phase of her firearms training. I just pray that shes never in a violent situation…all i can do is teach her to survive.


That’s all any of us can do is train and teach to survive.


So there’s some very interesting stats in here…

Fortunately, research from the U.S. Department of Justice indicates that only twenty-six percent of all violent crimes (homicide, rape, sexual assault, robbery, and assault) were committed by offenders armed with some type of weapon. Ten percent of violent crimes involved the use of a firearm. Only eight percent of rapes are committed by armed attackers (1). …[snip]… the facts show that the majority of violent criminals do not use weapons in the commission of their crimes! If any assumptions are made, it should be assumed that the criminal is not armed unless there is evidence to the contrary.

Ok, does that mean that the vast majority of these were done with just brute force and intimidation?

Overall, fewer than one percent of violent crimes result in a gunshot injury. Most often, criminals use a firearm as a blunt object, striking the victim with it instead of shooting (4). Even if you evaluate only violent crimes committed by attackers armed with a firearm, only 4.6% of victims were actually shot (5).

Evidence that this whole “don’t resist, do what the attacker wants” BS that’s been the news leader for EVERY violent crime in the last 25 years is really just another way to make us fearful and reduce our independence.

Mind boggling.

Where are those statistics when the ever-so-earnest news reader says “the victim was lucky, we don’t suggest you try to escape or fight back, just do what they want”?!? :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If people KNEW those stats… somehow I’m guessing the crime rates would go down.

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I think the underlying point of the data is pretty clear - if they want your stuff, give them your stuff. If they want to harm you, fight like a maniac, and if possible, have a gun.