Republican Uses AR-15 to Confront 'Angry Democrats in KKK Hoods' in Campaign Ad


An Angry White Republican With A Gun
Unfortunately, for CNN and The View, he’s not :upside_down_face:


Suspect this won’t be covered by the anti self defense news media. Unless they don’t look at this candidates photo and just assume he is white.

Really sad that all these people who claim to be for equality filter the stories they cover and the details they include or exclude based on the race of the people making the news.


Well…um…I’m a little speechless on this one. I mean it breaks some stereotypes and supports 2nd amendment freedoms, and I’m all for someone defending themselves against a hate group which would specifically target them…for any reason…so I guess I’m sort of good with it. It’s a little too in-your-face and confrontational in this heated environment, however, to sway borderline voters in his favor though.

On a side note, I actually had a good belly laugh about it. :joy:


If his intention was the same as a shock jock’s, mission accomplished.
He might want to reach out to Larry Elder to maximize its impact.


I am not a big fan of the in your face shock imagery myself. Also think that most people seem to have no use for history and won’t get the reference I assume to the number of southern democrats that used to have KKK ties.

Though the current Democrat policies of defunding law enforcement, releasing violent criminals and denying people their right to defend themselves certainly disproportionately harms minorities.


Ok, that took guts.


I’m alright with it. It tries to normalize firearms as a way to defend ones self and ones home. The use of an AR15 and KKK characters, edgy, but certainly relevant. That said, my mother that lives in Az would probably vote for him.


This was a highly entertaining ad, with fairly true to life action contained therein.

It made me want to vote for the guy.

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Yes, it’s that time of year out here again.
Very rare to see an ad that males sense. Everybody goes for the “shock” value anymore…
I did get a laugh from this guy, but would prefer to get useful information before I actually place my vote.
Proper good information on the candidates is very hard to come by.