Rep. Thomas Massie introduces bill lowering age to buy handguns


The age should be 18.

At 18 you can vote, at 18 you can fight and die for your country and the Constitution, at 18 you are legally considered an adult.

If the left thinks the age to exercise your rights should be 21, then it should be 21 to vote, and they should raise the age for driving and cell phones to 21… since the left also claims raising the age is all about safety… and remember, driving and cell phones are not a right.


Cell phones and driving kill more teens then guns every year. :sob:
I think it should be 18.



Be careful there Kevin, If you take away the grade school kids cell phones you might get your ankles damaged from all the violence that would be perpetuated against you.
(I am not sure if I am joking or not.)


Considering some of those I have seen… I am not sure either.