Remember cigarette machines…..well

Who says AI is bad? Maybe some of it is but….


AI and fire are good when you can control it but bad when everything gets out of hand then that is when bad things happen.


I’m good with it. I wonder when they’ll show up around here?


How about investing into it and having your own machines and make a profit?


I think one would need to check up on your state laws before you try. Have one of those in NJ or Cali would land you in jail I think.

Edit: thugs are using trucks with chains to drag out ATMs. Imagine what they will do for some ammo.


Goin’ to da store for a Pizza, Coke and a coupla boxes of ‘Dragon’s Breath!..
Be right back, Need anythin’? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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"You want a WHAT?



I don’t see any problem. It would be pretty hard to carry a rifle in, buy the ammo, load ammo, and then start a rampage. Someone would step in long before it could happen.

  1. Privacy 1: What does the vending machine company (and maybe also the store) do with all of the records created by each purchase?
  2. Privacy 2: There are times I use cash intentionally to enhance my privacy.
  3. Privacy 3: Did you see how big the box is on the screen if he had typed in an e-mail address? I could grab emails visually from across the store when the box is that big.
  4. Speed of transaction: Watching the video, I could have looked over the ammo shelf, grabbed exactly what I wanted, walked to the front of the store, and checked out (card or cash) In less time than he stood messing with the machine. This reminded me why I never use the phone-app key system at hotels for my room key. I can pull a card from my pocket, face it at the lock, and be in the room in less than half the time it takes to open the app, wait for the bluetooth to connect, and then tap the UNLOCK box on my phone screen, which has me standing in the hallway for an extended period with my valuable phone out easy to grab.

I think the chances that someone would step in would be minimal. If this happens in my grocery store, I’m going shopping at 8AM while the criminals are asleep.


I feel this is a BAD IDEA.
I am all for Free Enterprise
Innovation of Fresh ideas—But I see
SKELL’s (aka-Bad elements) eyeing people at
my Truck Stop ATM’s, Checking Out at the counter
I run them off as soon as I spot ‘em but I can’t be everywhere
at the same time. I don’t know about anywhere else in the country
but here in Cactus Junction the Attacks, Armed Robberies, Assaults
Grand Theft (pulling entire machines Out of/Off of buildings) occurs
between Midnight and (6) am.
That is when Cashier’s and Guards are the most tired.
(and not giving the Crim’s advance warning (they already know this)
That is also the most inexperienced Guards shifts (10p-6a)
Yesterday in California a Gas Station was LOOTED (prolly down
to the metal shelving) No talk of any Guards, Alarms etc.
How many Gas Stations, Truck Stops, 24 hr. inconvience stores, Laundromats
does YOUR city have? Rest unassured there aren’t enough Level3 Guards to man them all.
My ‘Little’ Truck Stop is huge! (3) sets of double doors AND a friggin’ Denny’s!
(3) ATM’s, (3) stand alone Lottery machines
How many Guards at one time?



Of course you have to do you. But me myself and MOI, I wouldn’t be in much of a hurry to do much unless an innocent life was threatened. Especially if I was in a state that would pick fly shyte out of pepper or I knew it would be drug through the grinder because s/he can.


In the short time I’ve been there (1 month) I have stopped (2)
Attempted sexual assaults/Rapes, countless Thefts, Robberies (knives usually)
of Tourists and Truckers, Vandalism, and Lord knows what else but that is
being SUPER CAREFUL! I’m NOT a COP! I protect Property and Staff by being a
VISUAL DETERANT!. If the Fit hits the Shan I’m PROTECTING SELF and anybody I
can draw behind me. That’s it. If we are over run by say Gang’s/Hoards/Teams
(there’s a term I can’t remember it now) I told the Cashiers to get to me.
I had a 'Charge made against me last week because I was called over
for ‘Suspected Fentanyl use’ in a vehicle (But they didn’t have an exact location.
I walked over distancing myself from the cars and smelled it myself. Approaching
one of 5 cars cautiously—long story short I hit the 4th car and the 5th car saw me
and took off! My job is to keep people safe, my job is to run off the bad elements
BUT my job is to not ‘POKE THE BEAR openly and get shot either.
I had my hand near my weapon, not on it and was polite., never touched their rides,
was at least 5’ away from them and somebody complained that I LOOKED THREATENING!
Well, I try not to look like a Girl Scout outside a Smith’s Grocery so I see their point—maybe.
But you can’t have it ALL way’s and not ruffle a few feathers. Now I’m waiting to see not only
what my Boss will do but what Flying J/Pilot does to/for me.
It isn’t right.
People want to be Protected, stay safe, Feel secure and then they HAND CUFF the Security element till they Walk! At least on the Air Bases it’s Weapon’s Free! You have a situation, you make the call, you draw Iron without getting slapped for Protecting yourself and others.
It makes me want to look at Corporate Security once again (Body guarding).
But on SSDisability I can only work/make so much—frustrating.
Maybe a nice quiet bank? “Tellar3’s open Ma’am…”


I agree. While i think the idea and concept is good, I have to question if this is just another way to track lawful gun owner ammunition purchases. I also think its faster to go in, select your preferred brand and caliber, and check out with an actual living person. If the person at the counter is selling ammunition to anyone underage, or unauthorized, the employee meeds to be fired and held accountable according to applicable laws. But I think only a live person can use the ability to propwrly gauge the situation, the surroundings and intent of the purchaser. AI cant see the neveroucness, uncertainty, fear or person(s) in the car waiting.

Plus…what happens if you wanna buy more than 1 box? Will you need to repeat the process for each box? Or can you buy 1000 rounds on the spot? :sweat_smile:


From watching ASP I’ve learned to be on my guard constantly when pumping gas. I was watching earlier today a video USCCA put out about being vigilant in parking areas. Since I’ve started carrying and wanting to defend it’s been a large learning curve.

I like the one tip Jon gave, while gassing up walk around the car checking the tires and at the same time look around at who’s near you or watching you. In some ways I’m glad I’m a large man and I don’t look like an easy target.


I feel th same way.
I get to the pump, do the card deal
Start pumping and LOOK AROUND. I didn’t
know about USCCA’s vid/will check into it.
But people today are LOST!
They pump gas and get on their damn phones!
It’s maddening! I constantly scan, I scan before
getting out of the car, during and before getting back in.
It’s COMMON SENSE. We have to be careful (NOT PARANOID)
Careful these day’s.
You’re NOT supposed to be on the phone at the pumps anyway!

Look around, the life you save could be your own.

Mi dos Centavos


Jonathan195 WELCOME Brother! Good first post!


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I’m in that same boat as you. I want to be a market gardener but the hoops you gotta jump through just to sell at a farmers market is crazy. Picked a bunch of tomatoes and some peppers. Slugs are getting most of my cabbage and lettuce. This is a learning year anyway to see what works and what doesn’t.

It’s going to get hot for us up from you. Nothing like you guys get but that freaking humidity makes it worse.


It’s 98 degrees now @ 17:10-- my Diet Coke is sweating!
Was @ a 'Farmer’s Mkt/ Craft show yesterday w/ Sis and heard a tidbit William you might be interested in. We were in a dead ‘RAC’s Transport Station’ (50) Vendor’s and my Sister and I got sick today.
It was a crumbling building/Warehouse and looked like Asbestos Wrapping was pealing falling off the ceiling pipes.
(we won’t be back) Anyway the ‘Promoter’ said 'This was all she could find because Moslem’s are coming to Santa Fe with suit cases stuffed w/ cash! buying up all the 'Local Artisan Galleries, shops and Markets. Tourists are now complaining they walk into a Jewelry shop, Art House, Pottery and they are
all run by Middle Eastern Men. They’ve bought off all the Artists, (Hispanic/White’s) with the Blessing’s of our wonderful .gov Michele Lujan Griffin. She’s said to be ‘Ecstatic’ the town has a Middle East Flavor now—‘So different!’.

This is getting out of control…maybe we need a New FLAG! huh?


Who do they partner with on AI? If this is OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, then no, the AI is used for more than “facial recognition technologies to verify that buyers are of legal age to buy bullets”, you can bet your socks someone, in another state, is/will be running queries like “give me names and addresses of all people in Mobile likely to own AR15s or large capacity magazines, or likely to have wrong thoughts politically, because their buying pattern suggests so”.

I have 0 trust in this system, and would not willingly supply it with my biometrics.