Remanufactured Ammo?

Some remanufacturers such as Black Hills and Hunter’s Shack Munitions (HSM) have excellent reputations.
Many do not.

In todays ammo world weirdness I wouldn’t mind shooting Hunter’s Shack Munitions----in fact I have a few boxes of.38 spls----for range work.
Never been disappointed.
I’d be wary of other remanufacturers though.
Heck I’m even wary of some new ammo manufacturers, like the once highly regarded Remington.


I’ve used reloads in the past. But only from freedom munitions & lax. Only at a range, mostly just to run my firearm, never had a problem with their ammo.


Always do your research!


I have a buddy that has been shooting remanufactured ammo for years. We used to shoot at an indoor range that had questionable ventilation system. The people on either side of him always got plenty of low light training :smiley:

He was sighting in his AR at an indoor range yesterday. The bolt was not cycling at all. He had to use the charge handle to eject every shot. I suspected a blocked gas tube and/or gas key due to the ammo he runs. He gave me a call last night and said the gas block had come loose from the barrel, but boy it, the tube, and the key all need a lot of cleaning before he plans to put it back together. :rofl:


Won’t do reloads. Learned my lesson when I started shooting and bought 100 rds of .45 ACP at a range that had a nice price. Had a round that the bullet popped out of the case when I was loading into the magazine. That got set aside, (as well as the magazine which had unburnt powder in it.) Found 5 more out of the rest had bullets so lose I could pull them out of the shell. Out of the 94 left some failed to cycle the slide properly. Never again, unless I learn to hand load or reload myself, I have taken a couple of hand loading classes.


There probably a bulge in the brass it is a simple fix if you have the machine to do it is a bulge buster I run all my brass through it works great

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