Reloading speed

In recent DSF Instructor class I took about 2 weeks ago, we didn’t time ourselves but I gotta think my reload is sub 1 second. Obviously that’s in a range environment, my garments have been cleared and conditions are optimal. Also I keep my extra mag in a mag carrier, not in a pocket.

Honestly (again without a timer) I believe 1 second is totally obtainable. Then again maybe because we don’t use timers in DSF, my perception of time may be skewed.

3 seconds is a lifetime in a gun fight.

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Get yourself a SIRT and practice reloads while you watch TV.

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Sirt has been added to the list. Just working my way towards it.

You know it’s very easy to get in that mentality but I know of at least one cop who found himself in a fight with a single suspect with both of them fighting from cover in which he expended 146 rounds before finally subduing the subject.

Remember handguns just aren’t all that powerful and it’s not at all unusual for someone to absorb multiple rounds to the torso without succumbing and giving up the fight.


Yep, build the muscle memory from multiple positions and the speed will naturally follow.

Probably something I need to practice a good bit more…

Should I have to engage an immediate threat, I better be able to do it within the first few shots, engaging in an all out shootout with a second mag or more puts a lot of people at risk and if there are innocent people nearby me, going into a shootout could harm a lot more people…

Went shopping the other day with my new G34. Took an extra 4 mags to see how comfortable they would be (two 17rd mags and two 33rd mags). Had 118rds for thr G34 and my pocket revolver 5shot.

Most I’ve ever carried. I highly doubt such a capacity would be part of my regular carry.

Nice thing about 9mm and double stack, high capacity and less need to reload…

The capacity is better. I practice reloads because it’s a very efficient way to clear a malfunction.

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One of my military instructors told me that, at volume, and repetitively. I still shoot the exact same way he instructed me. That was 30 + years ago. Breathe ln and out deeply,empty lungs, wait for pause between heartbeat, long slow squeeze of trigger so it should be a surprise when you get that clean precise break. Ride it out, look for next target, if no spotter, if spotter, go for his target


@Zavier_D that sounds precisely right to me :smiley:

Sounds like BRASS.

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