Release the tapes

Merrick Garland won’t release the audio tapes because it would damage dementia Joe’s chances of getting “re-elected”. (As if he was elected the first time.) The transcripts have already been released, what do they have to hide? I guess it takes time to splice the audio so it perfectly matches the transcripts they released…


Sonofabitch! They DID ALTER the transcripts! ANOTHER conspiracy theory proven CORRECT!

Recall that after the transcripts of Special Counsel HUR’s interview with Biden were released, the Audio recordings themselves were requested by the House Oversight Committee. They subpoenaed the “Justice Department” for the audio tapes. The “Justice Department” ignored the subpoena. (How about THAT folks?)
“These audio recordings are important to our investigation of President Biden’s willful retention of classified documents and his fitness to be President of the United States” said Bill Comer of the Oversight Committee.

Soon after, the President himself invoked executive privilege, in an attempt to keep his controversial interview with Special Counsel Hur under wraps. (KEEP IN MIND, THE TRANSCRIPTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN RELEASED!)

Judicial Watch & The Heritage Foundation took the White House to court for release of the audio tapes. It was in court, that the following was revealed:

EASY ENOUGH TO VERIFY… RELEASE THE TAPES!!! If there are no significant differences, the president should have no need to keep it hidden using executive privilege, AMIRITE?



Your smoking gun is they admitted to removing stuttering “um”s and “I”s? Something that Biden has been known for doing long before he clearly developed dementia.

We don’t need tapes to prove that point. He gives adequate proof of that every time they wheel him out for a 30 second speech. It usually only takes him less than 10 seconds to start going completely off the rails.

I never liked Biden. He used to be a NeoCon kleptocrat in liberal clothing. But now I just feel bad for him. His handlers should be charged for elder abuse.

My smoking gun is that they ADMITTED to altering the transcripts. This is not allowed.
I guess we should just take them at their word, that “stuttering” is all they removed then.
On the other hand, if they released the audio, we would know for sure.

Why are they IGNORING a subpoena (AKA legal request) from the House to turn over the tapes if the transcripts are already public?


I don’t trust anything that politicians or their appointees say.

I really haven’t looked into the precedents and legalities of releasing recordings of investigative interviews for Presidents/other elected officials.

I seem to remember something about Nixon only releasing the transcripts of his office recordings and refusing to release the actual tapes due to executive privilege. Though I have since heard bits of those recordings. I don’t know how long it took for those recordings to be released? Not exactly the same situation but similar.

I remember Nixon had to leave office because of the tapes.

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There are a whole bunch of reasons why Biden should have to leave office. I suspect the tapes are very low down the list, if they are on it at all. The congressional investigators don’t want to shine too much light on his real crimes because they risk some of that light hitting themselves. Suspect that is also why all we are seeing are these wacky never been tried or hardly ever tried charges against Trump. Though they are creating a dangerous precedent for themselves by doing so.

If they can’t pump Biden full of enough uppers to perform reasonably well at the debate there is some hope that the Dems will force him out during the Convention. Not sure what corrupt politician they will find to take his place but as long as it isn’t Harris it would be hard for them to do worse than their current puppet. Trump’s best chance for reelection is running against Biden so the Republicans probably don’t want their investigation to be so effective that it removes him from office.

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Update! REALLY?


That must be one amazingly, severely damaging tape. I believe the more they try to hide it, the worse it will be for them. Everyone knows he cannot think nor speak. Hiding it just confirms how damning it is. Could also be him revealing other crimes he has committed, too, as he regularly states the quiet part out loud.


Just audio, but, yup.

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Yeah, mistyped that.

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Hadn’t thought about that aspect, but valid point.

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19 days later, and not only has Garland NOT been held in contempt as they said he would be, but he has now classified the audio as “Top Secret” and moved it to a secure facility. THE UNIPARTY LIVES!


You are correct Sir.


Garland is STILL IGNORING the subpoena (AKA legal request) from the House Oversight Committee.
How can the audio be protected under executive privilege if the transcripts of the audio have already been released? (That is, unless the audio and the transcripts aren’t the same, which is illegal.)