Reinterpret and Redefine, A back door hack to nullify rights

I am a monogamist, heterosexual, gay man, and I love you. It can be a difficult thing to say but it is true. Because of the way it sounds people want to say something different.

OK I’ll take the word salad bait…


  1. sexually or [romantically] attracted exclusively to people of the other sex.

sexually or [romantically] attracted exclusively to people of one’s own sex or gender (used especially of a man)

It is hard to teach an old dog new trick.:crazy_face::innocent:
Didn’t mean to steer you in the wrong direction. I should have said I love everyone including men but that might be misleading also.
Good thing you told me I could get myself in a lot of trouble

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That’s okay, we’ll buy you some Bud Light at Target :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The way our language is being manipulated is a key part of the overall strategy of conquer from within.


If you would like to see a real-world example of how the thinking works, and how it’s done, Begin with the idea that they want to dismantle and destroy the country after which they will own the wreckage. It may be demolished, but whatever is left will belong to them.

To get a taste of how it works, go back and look at what Hollywood has done with several of the once beloved, and major movie franchises like Marvel comics superheroes, Indiana Jones, or star-wars. They deconstruct the character that the franchise was built on, take it over with a Woke character shoe-horned in rather awkwardly, and in so doing, wreck the franchise with movies nobody wants to go see. BUT, they now own whatever is left, having transformed the legacy into a new legacy of their choosing.

It’s incredible the work they will put into dismantling the old hero or protagonist, and even the old villains so that they can take over those hard won positions with new characters who are so strong, powerful, and virtuous that they don’t even have to work for the super powers or victories that so easily just come to them.

Just understand your going to sit through movies where you see Rocky, Indiana Jones, Captain America, or, you name it, fall apart, get their butt kicked by a girl half their size, and probably get killed in some humiliating way, all to make room for the woke future. So fair warning.

If you watch how hollywood has deconstructed old heros and turned them into smoldering wrecks that you end up feeling were very possibly never much good in the first place. You might unavoidably notice a parallel with how they are similarly treating our country, and the people who built it.

They know they are wrecking it, but again, they will own the wreckage, and they are sure they can “build back better” once it is theirs. Problem is, they don’t know how to build things and make them work, they only know how to destroy, And you will notice, when you ask what they are going to replace it with, all you get are meaningless and empty slogans that nobody actually knows the meaning of exactly. I have actually heard lines of thought where the promised utopia is supposed to just “suddenly immerge spontaneously” once a magical critical point has been reached.

Is that what we want to bet our future on?