Red flag laws: Mistaken identity leads to revocation of veteran's firearms


Wish I could say I’m surprised by this, but it’s pretty much what was expected. This and intentional abuses will become the story of the day the longer these ridiculous laws are allowed on the books.

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Since Florida enacted Red Flag Laws. Last year. They have used them over 3500 times.

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It’s absolutely disgusting. A complete violation of people’s rights before any type of due process. If the person is enough of a threat or mentally ill to the point that you can forcibly take their private property, why are they not enough of a threat to arrest them, charge them, give them due process, and then lock them up? I’m all for trying to find a solution to these problems, but infringing on someone’s basic human rights solely because someone else thinks they “might” do something is not the solution.


From what I’ve been seeing with some of these RED FLAG come out LAWS that have come out. In some of them ANYONE can file a report. not just LAW ENFORCEMENT, DOCTORS OR FAMILY MEMBERS. So that means that if someone doesn’t like you or that you own guns. They can file a report to have them taken from you for no reason at all. And then you have to go to court to fight it. And the ones filing the FALSE REPORT get off scott free.

Frightening times these are, when due process is thrown out the window. The presumption of innocence is enshrined in the Constitution. Our entire western legal system is founded upon it. Just further proof that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

waiting for them to take our cars and trucks or motorcycles away from us because we have to many accidents

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