Red dot VS. Iron sights on your carry firearm

You may have posted this in the wrong thread by mistake, just sayin, this thread is on red dot sights for a carry gun.

When you do post the question, I suggest detailing what kind of business, what employees, and what kind of specific risk you are picturing

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I understand

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Also describe what you perceive as your key vulnerabilities.

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Install red dots on every carried firearm. :laughing:

I agree with @Nathan57 … wrong thread


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Well, in my case, red dots for target practice and iron for defense shooting, unless its a laser red dot. Yknow, if sighted in right, where the dot is- the bullet will go. Just me…

Les Paul Sunburst was always my Fav :us:

To each, his/her own. From a class I took, our instructor’s EDC had a “dot”.

I got one on a hunting gun, has a few different reticles, colors, and even multi thickness/brightness options.

Heard some more positive things on the holographic versions.

But not for me on my EDC, just factory sights, white painted out of the box. I can never get used to the “dot” idea, just too much going on, when spilt seconds count.

Enjoyable at the range or slower hunt, but not when I’d have to draw in an emergency. But I imagine others are trained on red dots better.

That comment about too much going on confuses me. To me, literally, objectively, iron sights are more going on than a red dot

With irons you have

  1. Focus on the front sight
  2. Align the front sight within the rear sight (which is out of focus)
  3. Place those aligned sights over the target (and it likely obscures/hides where you are aiming)(and the target will also be out of focus)

With a red dot you

  1. The gun is aimed where you see the dot. No alignment, single focal plane. Much less going on

That is very personal. However…
I know dozens shooters who transition from irons to optics… but never met anyone who did opposite.
@Nathan57 is right. Red dot simplifies everything. Shooting is easier and faster. Accuracy may be discussed because for a short distances, neither iron sights nor optic is needed. But for precise shot, even if it must be taken within 2 seconds, red dot helps a lot.

What I’m thinking - some shooters just do not see needs for red dot, because iron sights work work fine for them.

As always - train the way that works the best for you… but it doesn’t hurt to try something new, perhaps it improves your “best” to “better best” :wink:


Trying to find a different thread to post this one, but thought I’d post here when it came up in my search instead.

ASP video. From 11 minutes on about the optics in this encounter.

If you don’t subscribe to these guys on YT, you should.

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Good call.

About 0.6x seconds draw to fire for a one handed hit up close with a red dot.