Records expunged for St. Louis couple who displayed guns in front of George Floyd protesters. They want their guns back


Sadly, the inconvenience they underwent won’t ever be repaid.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the cops wouldn’t have had them destroyed after the cpl was pardoned. People do shyte like that only to be asholes.


Their guns have already been sold at auction for pennies on the dollar to the local cartels.

They’re going to have to go back to their FFL and spend thousands of dollars to purchase NEW firearms now that their rights are restored in the hopes of them being illegally seized again!



if those guns were legally sold, they can trace them and nicely ask for return. Cartels are usually nice to local people…


Yep and it happens regularly. I’m sure as lawyers they can afford to buy more. But that isn’t the point really. Judging by how the wife the handled the firearm. Should train and shoot more :us:


Was watching something about Cartels building subs for transport of goods. Wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t build their own :us: :us:



I wouldn’t call what they’re transporting in those subs “goods”

Just saying….

We can produce far better “goods” here, and sink all those illegal subs with little to no effect on the “goods” market.


Yeah agreed, Lets say illegal goods.

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Be good practice for our fast attack subs

That would be a waste of resources imho, our fast attack subs have way too much firepower for such a small thing as a drug sub….

And they’ve got far more important missions to complete.

Now giving the coast guard guided torpedos….


Good luck with that. The guns were likely taken by the crowd and are now being turned in for cash at the city buyback program.

The only arrests made during the “nazifu” and “thug lives matter”, democrat/communist sanctioned 2020 riots. I’m glad they were exonerated.


I’m glad they got off. Dealing with an angry mob marching down your street isn’t something anyone should have to deal with. Though I feel that firearms owners should learn from all the hassles they ended up going through.

They made a lot of tactical errors as well as some legally dubious actions. I feel it is a great lesson on how not to best respond to a mob marching down your street. They could have easily ended up becoming a focus of the mob’s anger instead of a home the mob likely would have just walked on by if the couple had stayed safely inside.


yeah, it happens a LOT more often than you would think. a SOT friend of mine just went through the ringer over one that was an evidence gun that was sold that was still part of an active investigation that had already been sold to a customer. Took months to sort it all out

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I thought the CG would possibly have them already :us:

One thing I hear over and over in the USCCA training is that the gun is the last line of defense. Staying in the house or beating it before the mob arrived there may be painful, but far less so than what this poor couple has been through.


If the cops have disposed of them, the judge should order them to replace them with new ones, with the cost coming out of the salaries of those involved…