Recoil Fatigue by “Blaq Shark”

Shooter Fatigue Defined

Recoil, also known as kickback or recoil velocity, refers to the backward movement of a firearm when it is discharged. This movement can have an impact on the muscles of the shooter.

When a rifle is fired, the recoil forces the shooter’s body backward. The muscles in the upper body, particularly in the shoulders, arms, and upper back, must work to absorb this force and maintain balance. These muscles contract forcefully to counteract the momentum of the rifle.

The repeated firing of a rifle can lead to fatigue in these muscles, and may cause soreness, stiffness, or discomfort. This is particularly true for the muscles in the shoulder and upper back, which are most directly engaged in absorbing the recoil.

To combat muscle fatigue and soreness due to recoil, it is important to maintain proper shooting form and technique. This includes keeping the elbows down and close to the body, keeping the rifle stable, and using the correct stance. Additionally, stretching and conditioning exercises can help to build the strength and endurance of the muscles involved in shooting.
*As a Certified Tactical Conditioning Specialist , I provide Training programs” to combat this .



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You have just showed the reason of continuous practice of shooting fundamentals to fight the fatigue off.


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Very good points.
I will say after the shotgun classes I had taken I was definitely sore in several areas besides just the shoulder, that is for sure.


Yes indeed. Once even, with a modest .22 rifle, after two hours at the range, the next day I had a big bruise above my arm pit. I couldn’t figure out how it happened as there was little to no recoil.

Then I finally realized, all it was - was the simple fact of pressing the hard wooden stock with the metal butt plate being pressed against the shoulder that caused it. It even was sore for a couple of days.

Even with such low caliber rifles, I added soft cushion butt stock covers, so now they are more comfortable and even add a nice look.

Finally learned my lesson with hand gun range days, I now pack a shooting glove for my dominant hand, no more blisters or slide bite. I cut the tips off for better handling, especially handling ammo.

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