Reciprocity NYS & PA

Help with crossing state lines legal in Pa not Nys


I hear you. Wishing you the best. I’ve worked with families of domestic violence before. You might obtain some helpful tips herein. Hoping you find a good attorney experienced in the firearm laws of NY and PA. To help respect you and lesson any fines or penalties if any.

I do not know the specific laws there, or to your case.

Some states may look at how the firearm carrier “had the gun”. Do not answer it here, but the state laws might differ if it was unloaded, vs loaded, was it in a case, a case which could not be seen thru, was the case locked, was the case far enough where it was beyond your arm’s length reach, etc.

Humble suggestions: Do not expand on any more details in these blogs. It can be obtained or seen by the public or the courts. Consider revising and editing your blog/note, yet enough to illicit support and empathy. Remove your email address, as you may receive unwanted emails. Please remove your actual name, especially from the email. The post itself is enough for caring persons to write back to you under a moderator. If you are a member of the USCCA, perhaps calling them, for other direction. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I’d never say this in court, but “I love New York”, I just can’t go there, because this is how I am, they discriminate against me. For the states who allow me to visit, that’s so big of them; I try to make it a point to make everyone’s day a little nicer, and give them something positive, in my appreciation. It feels good being kind to others, and being able to travel doing that, that’s partly why I have licenses from four states.

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@Madeline1 Welcome to the community. :us:

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First, good idea to revise the original post. Especially in the face of ongoing legal stuff. All I can offer is, around here, the courts are pretty practical and understanding, hopefully the courts in that area are.


Welcome to the family @Madeline1 and you are in the right place at the right time.

Somewhat familiar with the northeast and the laws in the various states.
NY does not recognize any other states permit, and does not recognize FOPA either. Do not make NY a destination, when passing through have your gun, ammo, and mags seperated and locked up out of reach. If pulled over and found to have a gun locked up, meeting federal transport standards, the odds are good you will still be arrested, win your case, but be out thousands of dollars and days of court returns, never mind the initial ride. I drive through in my RV, tank is full, lights all work, speed limit obeyed, straight shot skipping 95…'cuz Jersey’s even worse.
The only reason I pass through is because I’m looking for a retirement place in a free state. CT, Utah and FL permits, but can’t cross my border in any direction and have that state be the destination…Their loss.