Rear Window

The positives: The employee carried a gun.
The negatives: The employee was stupid.

Morale of story: Never order curly fries at a Jack in the Box.


I thought the customer was always right or maybe that’s only at Burger King.


I wonder what Ford was like in kindergarten. Did she ever foment violently at 5-year-olds who wouldn’t share crayons?


Six days in jail for 4 counts of attempted murder. Sure sounds like justice to me:/. Not to mention the fact Ford already had a prior conviction for making terroristic threats. Just how dangerous does someone need to be before they get taken off the streets? Or do all violent criminals get a free pass until they actually kill someone?


Ford was charged with deadly conduct with a firearm, which was reduced to a felony offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the station said, citing Texas court system records. Ford pleaded guilty in June 2022, WFLA said.

An attorney for the plaintiffs said Ford was given deferred adjudication and sentenced for a year of probation due to her guilty plea, the station said, adding that a second attorney for the plaintiffs said Ford served six days in jail.

The plaintiffs’ attorney also said Ford had been convicted of making terroristic threats in 2012 and noted that “Jack-In-The-Box needs to do background check[s] on employees so as not to expose their customers to someone who would attempt to kill them," WFLA reported.

But she really didn’t want to harm them, it was all in good fun. Or maybe she had PTSD from the Jack-in-the-Box always popping out unexpectedly. :sunglasses: I see another suit here. :rofl:


Jack in the Box in its original response denied all allegations and stated the restaurant has “no control” over and “is not legally responsible” for third parties such as Ford

What a gem. Who put the “3rd part” in a position to interact with the public? Adversity to background checks is only about one thing – hiring illegals.

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I can’t speak to the hiring illegals part but I suspect most fast food places are also so desperate for bodies that they don’t want to risk weeding out anyone with a failed background check. Plus they probably don’t want the added expense of background checks.

I rarely get background checked for any of the projects I work on unless they are on military bases or I am working directly for the government. So I am not sure how big of an expectation it is or should be for all employers to background check everyone they hire for non sensitive jobs. Though with all the overly sensitive unhinged people out there nowadays maybe all jobs need to be considered as sensitive??

But when a company hires someone to do a job they are at least somewhat responsible for what those people do on the job. I doubt that 3rd party crap (which I think usually refers to independent contractors or workers hired through a temp agency) is going to get them off the hook.


One can only hope that the employee has not reproduced.