? re DSF-1 Instructor Class

For DSF-1 and DSF-2 Instructors or TCs:

As a recently certified instructor, I am considering a USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals - 1 class later this year.
Question, for the required live fire, can I use an inside the belt (IWB) holster on strong side, or must it be an outside the waistband (OWB) holster. If it must be OWB, what retention level is required?
For my own carry I use appendix (AIWB), but I understand that initial training for self defense carry it is better to train for strong side and give information to students if they wish to look into alternative positions, whether appendix, kidney, shoulder holster, or belly band.

Thanks, all.

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@Craig_AR, I’d say for live fire for beginner students the OWB would be preferable, and as for retention, with gun unloaded, in the holster turn it upside down, give it a couple shakes if the gun doesn’t fall off is enough retention, but not so much retention adjustment that you have to yank so hard to pull the gun out of the holster, IMO if that’s the info you’re looking for.

Try posting this in the Instructors forum.

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I would post it in the Instructor Forum if I could reach it. My request for access has been sitting theer for a month, and no moderator has acted on it.
Maybe @moderator could make is happen?


That’s unfortunate and I’m sorry to hear that you can’t access that part of the forum. I have not attended the DSF-1 Instructor course myself so, I am no help to you there.

I attended DSF1 class twice and used my everyday method - AIWB. This class is about getting ready for action with your typical setup. There is no reason to use OWB, because it’s safe. DSF1 is not basic holster class. You train with you everyday setup to be proficient with it.


That is helpful Jerzy. Thank you. I hope to hear also from students or TCs of the DSF-1 Instructor class, also. I am curious if there is content on how to teach multiple carry positions.