RDS with cowitness irons sight or without on your handgun

“Two is one, one is none” applied to EDC sighting system


I have a Green Dot on my hellcat my primary EDC. The irons on the hellcat are just visible in the lower part of the frame of the window. I’m running a Swamp Fox sentinel Green Dot. The dot resides just above the front sight. I can use both if one fails. Remember that with DOT sites once zeroed it doesn’t matter where that dot is in the frame that is the point of impact. It’s easier to focus on one optical plane with the DOT then to aline front and rear sights and the target. But I want them both available. Of course in close quarters they 10 yards and under you’re probably going to be point shooting anyway.


Thanks to one of the fastest warranty turnarounds I’ve experienced personally, my Viper will be back and installed Wednesday :tada:


I was shooting a tournament in the rain and my RDS wouldn’t work wet. Still got 1st place thanks to my iron sights. Thinking about fully enclosed red dot for my EDC now.