Range Therapy


Life can be stressful. I’ve heard a lot of people referring to a trip to the range like therapy. Kevin compares it in an unexpected way in his latest blog post.

What are your thoughts? Is a trip to the range good therapy for you?


For me, indoor ranges are not very relaxing if they’re busy. If I really need to be alone and zen, I shoot a bow.

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I believe that it is something that can relax you since it takes your mind off everything that is going on in your life since you have to concentrate on what going on around you who is around you and what they are doing at the gun range plus you are practicing for the day you may have to pull the trigger on a threat. I like to go to just practice switching up between my right and left hand so I don’t have to rely on just being able to pull with my right hand only.


@Dawn have you ever tried some long distance shooting, or shooting a small target with a .22? That’s relaxing. For me pistol shooting is go time. That’s training to defend my life. It’s fun, but not relaxing.

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I have, but it was a really long time ago. I will not say how long. :smiley:

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Well 2 years isn’t that long, @Dawn. I know you’re doing an AR build, but a .22 rifle is a very, very relaxing and cheap way to relax. I like bolt action .22s the triggers seem to be better and they’re more accurate.

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My therapy right now is living vicariously through my neighbors. I just got home and can hear them shooting.


Go over and shoot!


I wish, I have to go pick up my wife from work in a few and then get her car from the body shop.


Dawn, you keep hinting that you are old but I am guessing there are a few of us (like me) that are older than you are. No I am not asking how old you are (never ask a woman her age) I am just saying you have many great years ahead of you.

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Speaking of…lol


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For some reason this reminds me of an old apartment @james and I used to have. Every Sunday we could hear our neighbors shoot. Maybe a good hour worth. Then all of a sudden it would stop. 15 minutes later was kickoff for the Packer game. :rofl:


Lol! I’m no spring chicken, but age is just a number. I’m betting a number of us are pretty close in age. :wink:


Well @Dawn Ill give you a little hint on my age, I can remember when JFK was shot. I can remember the first time the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show. I can even remember when Jimmy Dean was a country western singer and not the sausage king.:cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


Ok, you’ve got a few years on me… but that doesn’t matter in the Community - we are all kids at heart when we’re talking about the latest thing we’ve learned or the newest gun that just came out.


You’re right @Dawn , age is just a number. Mine’s 59. I’m good with it, owning it. Especially since mostly people respond with … “noooo! really? that can’t be true!” :smiley: The day they stop responding that way, I’ll probably stop saying it :rofl:

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On Range Therapy - YEP, totally is for me. I think because of a couple of different reasons.
It taps all senses, all channels. Smell, sight, hearing, feeling, even taste to a point… fully engaging on every input.
It requires my full focus. Can’t be thinking about bills, or laundry, or any struggle I might be having personally, or anything (or anyone) I’m wresting with at work.
It requires I get out of my head and into a fully physical activity. I can’t do sitting meditation stuff, it makes me crazed. I need to move. Moving meditation, getting my body to calm my mind, is the better solution, and shooting absolutely does that.
It gives me a sense of control over things as well… not in the big I can control people-and-circumstances way, but in the I can control my actions and reactions way. I can improve my focus. I can dial in, do the work, both mental and physical, and get a tighter group. I can improve and smooth an action or a drill. I can shoot better at the end of the range time than I could before I walked in.
All of that combined, and yes, it definitely makes range time therapy for me.

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A little saying I love and it is very true.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.