Range targets - show them off!

WOW! that is a bit rough! How was that against the guidelines?


Perhaps legs were too long? Or heels? :person_shrugging:


or it is the suggestive perspective of her having no cloths on at all?


It was Flagged because she was dangerously standing behind the target.


I’ve stopped doing the stand in the lane and cranking off aimed shots at a target doing dot torture drills. That sort of repetitiveness doesn’t serve my current physical goals. But that’s my opinion for me only. I do alot of dryfire and laser shooting to address grip and trigger pull. Now I go to the range to do draw and point shoot on a timer as that fills my current needs.

I’ve very deliberately said my needs. I’ve even started using full power self defense rounds now as it fits my needs. I’m absolutely positive that other ways of doing range time are just as good. But I have the money and time to shoot the way that is most effective for me.


Brought out the old shotgun today. Haven’t used it in 2-3 years. Dang, I forgot just how much fun it is! The picture above is a single shot at 25 yards. Size 8 birdshot (not allowed to use buckshot on the steel targets).

I was the only one on the bay for about an hour, which meant I was allowed to practice some things that I’m not normally allowed to do if others are present. Having a “tactical day” was a ton of fun! I got to walk and shoot, hide behind barrels and pop out to shot, etc.

I did learn a few things, though. First, I should probably practice with it more than once every other year. Second, my reloading time sucks. Next time I go to the gun store I’m going to get some dummy shells to practice with. Third, I found that a certain velocity (1250 fps) didn’t cycle my semi-auto as well as a slightly lower velocity (1200 fps). This surprised me. Maybe the load itself was different, I’m not sure. That was the only difference I noticed on the box…. It was a good reminder to make sure to test specific ammo before stocking up on the good stuff for home defense.


It’s about to turn really cold here in New Mexico. So I thought I’d get out on possibly our last 50°+ day until next spring.

My new lollipop target, 8” & 4” steel. (Using the 8” today.) 705 and 900 yards.


You know, I’m a huge advocate of constant and persistent training. I always try to focus on single problem until I get it right.
Recently I attended a defensive basic class and found it very informative to me.

We had been engaging target from 3 different distances with 3 different shooting techniques:

  • distance: 3 yard, 5 yard, 7 yards
  • technique: sighted shooting, flash shooting, point shooting
  • rounds: 5 per engagement

Doing all possible combinations there were total of 45 rounds.

I was happy with my results - no misses at all, but after analyzing this at home I found out that I still have to work on Natural Point of Aim.

All precise, sighted shooting (pace was around 1 shot per second) landed in dead center - that is great and expected.
But I see my problem with point shooting, where time is limited (pace around 2.5 rds per second) and I have to rely on my NPA - almost all of the hits were to the right.
Not a big deal from defensive perspective… but… (yes there is always but) who doesn’t want to be a master. :smiling_imp:


My training took a major leap forward when I started “journaling”. It’s like “plan the work, work the plan”. Many good articles out there with practical suggestions. Some are specific to shooting. It will be worth your time to check it out. I require all of my new students to journal. First thing we do when they come to shoot is review their journal. Also helps me to remember what we have been doing!!!



Happy Birthday!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: