Range targets - show them off!

Ut Oh here comes the “Finger on The Trigger” bigrade. Man you in a heap of chit.

Love that piece brother, nice shootin!!!


I’m not saying anything… :zipper_mouth_face:


Nice chootin Blacky :+1:


BLACKYSIR WE LOVE YOU BROTHER AND OLDER THE VIOLIN SWEETER THE MUSIC :100: As GORGE JONES. Said I DONT Need No Rocken chair​:bangbang:And he THROU It A Cross the stage. On his fair well concert :notes: And every one that was there was just so blessed to just get to see him he went on to do :bangbang:ANOTHER :bangbang: LIKE MR. GorgeJones. My Life has been The GRAND TOUR. We Love ya BlakySir. You Rock and we thank you for your service . Brother . Happy Lords DAY . Sir Bobby Jean Ann my Debbie ann .:owl::feather::feather::us::chile::heart::heart::heart::notes::musical_score::notes::musical_score::100::100::100::bangbang:AMEN


B - 4

AFTER ; drinks & drinks W/the judge.


I was testing my grip tonight. Five rounds / 5 seconds. 12 feet, then 30 feet.
Thank God I don’t see any deviation, so I feel confident I can hit center mass in critical situation. :muscle:


What are you using to punch them holes?


Hole puncher “Staccato C2” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, it is working well. Good job! Training is working well for you I see!


I actually reached the moment I feel my shots. For last few years I was self-confident… but I couldn’t find the connection between me and my firearm. I felt good… but still was missing something.
It took me few years to find this “something”. I didn’t know what “something” looked like… till this summer.
I attended 3 days “pistol class” and it clicked.
No more thinking while shooting, just execution. Then data collection and analyzing.
I know it is still plenty to improve, but now it’s not learning and / or developing anymore. it is sharpening.


I know what you are talking about. After training and being confident in my shooting the skills are there and now you just respond as trained and wah lah! Everything comes together. And yeah, there is still a lot more to learn and improve upon. Speed with accuracy is always the next step up. By the way, was it Micks class?


Yeah, we feel shooting the same way.
I’ve been attending Mickey’s classes for last 3 years, whenever he got them in IL.
I like his classes, he is a very good Instructor, however, for me it’s just good practice and test between other shooters.

The biggest improvement and the “feeling experience” went during and after Travis Haley’s classes. His training put everything together and showed me how to feel, not think.

I don’t know if you remember USCCA’s Defensive Shooting Fundamentals course. I took it twice. The book for this training class was written by Rob Pincus. I was under impression and his influence. I followed his program, used his training via Personal Defense Network… and one day Travis Haley opened my eyes wider. I found my shooting much better following Haley’s program.
What’s the difference? In short → You don’t adjust yourself to your firearm, you do it opposite. Firearm and the way you shoot must be adjusted to you. Relaxed and natural. Not tensed up and stiff.


What did you see? What happened? What was the results? What did you learn?


That was a good one

There is no more X in the middle of red circle :grinning:

I saw my hips squared to the target.
I saw good grip.
I saw my elbows lifted a little bit.
I saw dot on the X
I felt my trigger, the wall and reset.

I pressed the trigger after I felt good and fully confident the round hit that X

Exactly what I was expected. I felt full control over the pistol. Good stance, good grip and good sight picture/ alignment.
Every following shot was taken without hesitation. The dot was on the X every timer I reset the trigger.

I learned to be fully confident what I was doing. Good fundamentals built my good confidence and results.
Now it’s time to put some pressure/ time to this.



Blacky that LOOKS JUST LIKE MY 357 colt and it shoots 38,SPECIAL ROUNDS AS WELL MY FAVORITE SO KOOL THAT MY BACK UP IS MY M&p S&W 9,2.0 Steel Series That Word I Have That old west look going with my 17 round magazines for my back up if it gets messy. Nice six shooter brother sir Bobby Jean Debbie ann grate shooting as well :dizzy::zap::zap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::owl::feather::feather::us::chile:

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I got a Colt 45 ; had it & been shooting it for 53 years.


Blacky brother thank is all some I have a black Hawk super RUGER 44, MAGNUM THE BARREL IS LONGER THAN I LIKE TO CARRY AND IT IS VERY HEAVY AND MY 357colt is I have to look on the box but I thank its six ENCH barrel it’s just the KOOLEST gun I have an I carry it every where but I really have my m&p S&W 9,.2.0 Steel is what i can hit what I AM shooting at I love the feel of my colt 357 but it’s where people can see it. And my edc is on the outside his for true business . Not that my colt is not but the wheels have to come off before I go to it l Love You Brother Sir and I Have went country DOBBEL stitched arnot boots and my Warangal western black long sleeve shirt and my slim fit boot cut Warangal jeans with my Montana silver smith belt buckle that is as big as they got I am a true red neck Indian want TA be Texan want be good ok boy love you brother we have great taste sir to be very sure love ya Bobby Jean an family a Ho a ha :owl::feather::feather::100::chile::us::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::v:t5::heart::notes:

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Today at the range with my Sig Cross-PRS in 6.5 Creedmoor, I attained one of those aspirational goals…

16” AR600 steel plate, 1.02 miles (1800 yards)


Awesome job! Just one question, is that repeatable?


My God Dude, That way way way ducking out there. I swear you guys that can reach out there that far are my hero’s. I’m good at 200-250yds, after that it luck.