Range Shooting League

The local range has a league (think bowling league type thing) every Thursday night for guys and every Wednesday night for women. The guy in charge of league changes up the targets, distances, and scoring from week to week. He throws in different things that will affect your speed of shooting to make it somewhat of a self-defense training as well.

What benefits do you see to a shooting league? Do you shoot in one?


Many of the same benefits that you get with a local bowling or softball league…

Gets you out of the house and active…

Increases your socialization with like minded individuals…

Improves upon a particular skill……

Not sure it would improve your ccw training skills (guess it would depend on the contests), but it would definitely improve your accuracy I would think and, assuming you’re using your carry weapon, continue to increase your familiarity with your concealed carry weapon (or firearms in general).

Also…great excuse to increase your ammo purchase budget…“but honey, I need the extra ammo to practice for the league” :wink:


My club has a Wednesday night 2 handed league that runs for 8 weeks at a time. It’s designed for new and old shooters. The biggest issue is we can’t draw and shoot, just pick up from the bench.

They do change it up but we have 1 static target each week for a benchmark. The rest of the targets range from 21 feet (our minimum) to 50. Full and mini silhouette, large target, small sporter rifle targets. Sometimes it’s 2 handed, sometimes strong hand and other just support hand. We have also done a low light situation. My favorite is gun on the bench facing down range, mags to the side, back facing downrange. You stand there hands in the air with the instructor yelling at you, then the timer goes off. You turn around, load shoot 5 rounds, drop and reload for 5 more. It makes for some interesting targets.

Unfortunately I have been to busy to do it.

I love shooting this league. I take different carry guns some times. I have learned to shoot a tight group better, acquire a target better and load a mag faster.

I have personally watched a number of people that could barely hit a target on the first night to a really nice group at the end of 8 weeks. Some of those were able to practice during the week and some not. The end result is everyone shoots better and is SAFER. I have been swept a few times with an unloaded gun and I do not like that. As an RSO, I correct that quickly.


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