Range Report 5-16 1st Day Back Working

So last week was the first week of our range being opened back up, and yesterday was my first RSO shift and it just happened to be a beautiful day out.

So of course we were slammed, which was great to see!

Had the regular Saturday afternoon bunch out there (always a good time to hanging out with them out there), but also some newer members out there with their kids getting them acclimated to firearms and a couple member with their spouses who either had no or little firearms experience.

The biggest safety issue I saw (and only from the “new shooter adults btw”) was poor trigger discipline and having to remind them a couple times about when they come off target, the finger needs to come out of the trigger housing area. But good muzzle discipline by all and good adherence to RSO calls/directions.

There was one gentlemen who had brought out a friend who was a new shooter and had just recently acquired a pistol and was teaching him the basics and helping him shoot etc. During one of the cold range calls while his buddy was down range changing targets, I went over and told him I thought it was really cool for him to come out with his friend to help him get squared away and thanked him for it. He appreciated that.

So overall it was a glorious day at the range yesterday. Anyone else get out lately?


I got out to my club for the first time in a couple (few?) months today. Temperature is in the 50’s and we are getting all day rain with flood warnings. I was the only one there and it was absolutely awesome. BlueTooth ears, appropriate tunes (to me) and some 300 rounds later I feel like I just went on a first date and she put out…


We’ve got flood warnings today.

I’ve been working at the range for the last month or so. Some people have masks, others don’t. A LOT of new shooters - I would say 25% on the weekends are new shooters because they couldn’t go anywhere else. Our gun sales inventory at the range is also still really limited. As soon as new guns come in their sold.


Interesting, I didn’t see a single mask out there Saturday. Maybe it’s because we’re an outdoor range…must have been all the fresh air and sunshine. :slight_smile:


It’s difficult to say because there’s so much conflicting guidance by different organizations at different times, but I’ve never seen a credible suggestion to wear masks outdoors. Unless you’re at risk and in a crowded area, there’s no point. The actual guidance says to wear a mask if you’re within 6 feet of others for more than 10 minutes, so even a lot of indoor places that require masks are going above and beyond the CDC guidance.

Good on your members for focusing on their targets and enjoying the weather.

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