Range check in confusion

Local indoor range recently reopened after being closed for about a year after a fire, asked if my checking in there for range time with an instructor, would be counted by the USCCA on the Achievement Levels and the guy says “we don’t sell them (uscca) anymore and i would be shown these 3 other legal protection companies they use” and it confused me, I explained that I was working thru my Achievement check offs but he just says part of my instructor time was learning about these other “legal protection plans”, is there any way to find out a list of USCCA instructors in my area?
Really excited about this rebuilt range because they offer a digital indoor target & scenario section along with the traditional indoor target system and not even mention the uscca…but i wanted it to count & not get into some hardsell pressure on their legal protection plans
I went there 3-4 yrs ago after getting a one hour range time father’s day gift bundle and really enjoyed it and want to start checking these USCCA Achievements off and become more proficient with my EDC, carbine & revolver, plus learn more about self defense and awareness TY


Go to USCCA main webpage and click on TRAINING and find instructor based on city or ZIP:

The only problem is… you may not find any details others than name and rating… because of :point_down:


As Jerzy showed, you can search for USCCA certified instructors/classes on the website. I just checked and it is working.

Sample results for Nashville, TN

You can check into ranges through the Protector Academy app. Just search for ranges near you and then check in. For what it’s worth, the only real use for the check-ins in the app is your own record keeping


Talk to the instructors about which Achievement you wish to work on. Early in my time as a CCHDF Instructor I was not aware I could sign folks off on them, but any USCCA Instructor can do so. If you come across one not familiar the program you can ask them to contact Instructor Support, or even give me a holler.
Good luck, and have fun. The Achievement shoots are pretty nice.


Nothing turns we off and away never to return like a hard sell. Or the better get it now, somebody else is asking about it. Good let them buy it then….grrrrr