Range Band Sizes for Securing Cables on AR15

I’ve been using zip ties to secure cables between my light and pressure switch on my AR15. My home def AR is new and after practicing I need to move ■■■■ around (foregrip, light, and pressure switch). Rather than getting more zip ties I was thinking about these Ranger Bands I heard about but I’m not sure which size to get. Has anybody used them to secure cables between a weapon light and pressure switch and if so what size did you find best? Thanks! - J

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Zip ties for me, they are cheap and easy to snip if i want to move it. I buy them in a bulk variety pack and use them all over the house ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The below isn’t the answer you are looking for, but… :smiley: (they also have picatinny)


Thanks Harvey, those are cool. I may have to give those some consideration. I actually have a big bag of the small zip ties; I think a moment of laziness just made me think about the ranger bands. LOL


I prefer zip ties. They are lighter and less bulky. I find it easier to cinch them down to exactly the size I want, as in, exactly as tight/close as I want without putting unnecessary pressure on switch cables that are not necessarily known for durability in general. I just got a huge plastic cylinder with hundreds in different sizes for general use.

Ranger bands for me are for, say, storing a sling tidy to the rifle when in the safe, or holding first aid supplies together when assembling my own ‘kit’

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Good points as well Nathan. I was taking stock of one of my rifles today and the pressure switch connections going into the light are not the most secure things in the world. I can see how a rubber band could put too much pressure and pull them out. Not good, especially if you’d don’t realize it happened.

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