Rainy day practicing

Intruder at the front door.

Intruder at the rear lyni door.

Intruder at the kitchen garage door.

Dry fire with Sirt. Practice & Fun day inside.


That looks like a great time. I like to do the same thing when working on my target transitions.

Rain? What’s that?

Also, this is exactly what I would do, but I would also like to see how my guns would behave in wet conditions. I haven’t tried that. Not that I have much opportunity to


My old PPQ Navy SD was able to fire underwater. Walther specifically said you shouldn’t do it unless you’d been trained for it, but the thing would shoot.

Apparently, it creates shockwaves that can disorient the unwary.

Strange how this thread went to shooting a firearm under :droplet: water.

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I use 2 inch stick ems.