Racist mass shooter who murdered 23 people given 90 life sentences

Racist mass shooter who murdered 23 people given 90 life sentences (msn.com)

A racist gunman who murdered 23 people in a mass shooting at a Walmart in Texas has been given 90 consecutive life sentences.

Patrick Crusius pleaded guilty to the 2019 attack in February, after federal prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty.

Instead, the 24-year-old was handed a life sentence for each of the 90 charges against him on Friday.

But Crusius could still be put to death, as he is yet to face capital murder charges in state court.

The shooter drove more than 700 miles from his home near Dallas to specifically target Hispanic people in the border city of El Paso, police said.

He then unleashed an AK-style rifle on shoppers inside and outside the Cielo Vista Walmart store, killing 23 people.


To hell with consecutive lifes in prison. Strap his arse down to ol’ smokey and run 10KV through his arse. Save a lot of money and hassle. Five years for appeals tops then flip the switch.


I suspect the jury and judge in the State case will consider a more serious sentence.


Sorta like giving him all 90 life sentences at once. :rofl:


Kill 23 people and get free accommodation for the rest of your life…

I love this Country…


Or as Borrat would say: what a country……


Too lenient he should have been given one death sentence!


by being shot 23 times, starting at the feet and going up from there.


But… But… But…That would be “cruel and unusual”. :scream:


90 life sentences, really? Liberal logic creep.


I’ve started asking liberals which is more cruel? The death sentence where the criminals are executed in a minute or less OR keeping them in a 12x18 cell for 23 hours a day for 45 years?

PS in the more modern prisons, those on death row don’t even have contact with other ppl. Its all push button and a voice on a speaker telling them what is expected of them.


I can’t imagine any one who murders 23 people caring if they live or die or what happens to their life. It is on our conscience what to do with him.


And the crux of the problem. There groups out there like the ACLU and others that push there agenda. If I remember correctly one of the reasons why the death penalty was stopped was because countries harboring ppl we wanted wouldn’t send them back because we would put the killer to death. I think France was in on that. Look where they are now.


At first I thought why give him 5 years for appeals, but then thinking about it, this would be 5 years of knowing that he would soon be fried.


3 Hots and a Cot! Can’t beat it!!


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