Quick overview of Transporting Firearms

I’m going to the USCCA Expo, here soon and just newly made a YouTube video to transition from tik tok to YouTube.

Tell me what I can do better, and if you like the content.


Good intro and informational video, keep it up. :+1:


If you have opportunity transition or also upload to Rumble. YouTube is notorious for demonetizing, and overall shadowbanning gun content. Rumble has emerged as a much more open platform.

Good information.

My only critique if you want to post videos consistently, is shorten the intro montage. Those are fun, but make them very rapid and super-short. When I go to a video, I’m interested in the content, not so much the fluff. However, it’s not a very big deal, as I can fast forward through it.


I like how you are getting prepared early. I talked to a lot of people at last year’s expo that said they were rushing to get ready at the last minute and left some of their stuff at home.


Thank you for this information. It is very helpful!


I’ve been on a schedule, and planning when I’m paying for what when, and gathering all what I need. Been planning this since January.

From getting my plane ticket February
Hotel set up in February
Cash saved up by May for the rental car
Firearm lock box to go on the plane in June
Updated my license in June when my birthday was in July

I had all this strategically figured out on when I was going to do what.

And I’m right on track!


Great deal. Have a fantastic trip. I wish I had the opportunity to go, but not this year unfortunately.