Questionable Instructor - How to report?

Context: I was searching the Training portion of this site for a firearm training in my area (NoVA-MD-DC). Came across courses offered by A-T Services (Ahadi Ture):
Since this provider was not vetted by the members I googled him. Turns out (by his own admission on this guy obtained USCCA training license in the beginning of this year and opened business purposely to channel firearms into underprivileged communities. I would not have any issues with that since we know the statistics: these are the areas that need all the protection they can get and 2A is for lawful citizens to be able to protect themselves from criminals and in very unlikely cases from the government. However, in his LinkedIn post he literally said: " I became a firearm instructor so I can teach people to protect themselves from threats including police"(emphasis is mine)
That is on top of his widely advertised calls for armament in light of Briana Taylor civil unrest (Facebook, Twitter) and offers of help with opening (bogus?) LLC in MD to justify CCW/WCHP application.
On his Instagram account he has a video (possibly from his own training/school?; he also teaches 2nd grade kids) of an under aged girl pointing a toy gun at target on the wall depicting “white bad guy”. He exclusively uses “white bad guy” targets at his training according to the photos on the account.
I would post all the links to the info I mentioned above but the system here won’t allow me to post more than two (I’m new to the community) so do your own research (just google the name).
I felt compelled to post this info to warn other members and share my research that I came by by accident (curiosity) while looking for legit firearm training.
So I posted this info on another thread (discussing Briana Taylor case) yesterday and also contacted site admin via Contact Us. After initial “likes” from OP of that post and some others members my post was “flagged” and taken down by admin this morning… To which extend I received an email. My “email us” attempt to report what I see as a hijacking of a community built around legitimate cause through the “Contact Us” did not receive any attention so far…

Is this something any of you experienced before? How would you suggest to go about it? I welcome community’s opinion. Thanks!


I am looking forward to see if the Admin(s) will take any action. Unfortunately the good deeds often being hijacked by ill
intended people.

BTW, you don’t need to pay membership fees to gain access to the Community. It is free and I opened my account yesterday after encountering the case in question. Waiting for UT permit to arrive before starting the full membership


That is very troubling… Bad for USCCA if they do nothing about it… I will certainly be watching-- there are many alternatives out there to USCCA…


Does that make you a Utah Resident? I’m in Weber County.


The easiest way to call attention to something is to flag @Dawn, or put that in a post. She will then get a notification.


So not to comment about this specifically, but to address the topic and some comments I’ve seen, here are a few brief thoughts.

As political/civil/cultural/socioeconomic turmoil continues to grow with no end in sight, in an increasingly diverse country, except to see more of this sort of thing regularly.

The 2A/gun community (I hate to conflate the two, there are differences) will also go through changes as new groups of people swell into it. No everyone has the same understanding of American gun culture, or the actual purpose of the second amendment. This will continue to be strained in different directions.

My view of guns is they are tools, like a hammer, drill, or pair of scissors. My view of the second amendment is the founders acknowledgment of the armed body politic being the best defense of liberty, so use it accordingly in all applicable situations.

The problem is some people apply double standards to different people and situations based on things like race, sex, class, religion, etc. In a healthy society, in our case (and in my opinion) a society that agrees on base line constitutional principles and cultural norms: the same standard would be applied to all people and situations. In that case, everyone could agree on where and where not to point the finger, when appropriate.

This is more difficult at certain times then others. Unfortunately turbulent times are ahead. My advice to all is to gain a complete insight into the concepts behind the second amendment and use of force in defense of self and other strata of society. We need universal concensus on this as gun owners as far as I’m concerned. The MAJORITY of guns owners, unfortunately, still don’t really get some of this basic philosophical stuff.

Needless to say, bigotry is bad no matter who it comes from or where. It should have no bearing on calls for violence or use of force, as a person’s genetics alone don’t make them good or evil.

As far as viewing various groups or organizations as bad and needing to be physically opposed based on changeable characteristics, like legal limits of government institutions, it’s offen a case by case basis. It sometimes comes down to one’s understanding of the law, or what one considers the law is or ought to be.

If one views that government power can be wielded broadly outside of, say, the Bill of Rights, then it’s okay for the police to go after and use violence against (if necessary) drug dealers. If one is a huge advocate of states rights, or even if they don’t understand that aspect of our system but want drugs to be legal, they will dislike, and consider violence against, the police. Some may invoke the second amendment. Under such conditions. While I agree something like drugs is a state level issue, if a state decides a substance is illegal, law inforcement can act according under the current order of things. Lobby state politicians for a law change would be the right thing to do, or, becoming a civil disobedient.

Guns, however and for example, have high degrees of legal protection federally, or at least people’s ability to poses them. There are clear historical reasons why this is the case in our country. If local law enforcement, or the military for that matter, comes to take your guns by force because a politician has declared the constitution canceled, I won’t bat an eye one way or the other if you try to take as many of them with you as possible, regardless of anyones genetics who are involved. This is because there are legal, historical, and cultural arguments for this at the highest levels.

The reason guns themselves are a “trigger” is because they represent the last line of defense for everything else. OBVIOUSLY the is more to the world, and more at stake then guns. Tyranny in general is distasteful to say the least. Take these lockdowns, for instance. A strain on us all.

For those of us that have been in this community (the 2A/gun community) for some time, try to be accommodating to the newcomers. But also try to make them understand just why it is that we do what we do, and why we do it a certain way. It’s not just, I have gun, I am law. Or I have gun and I have a bone to pick with others over irrational things. And there is A LOT of irrational out there these days. There is an estimated meaning and purpose to all this. Learn it. Understand it. Appreciate it. Preach it.

It can be for all. If only it is properly attended to.


If you own a car with a lot of accidents or DUIs you wont get covered. The same should happen here. if some clown posts crap about killing and that ,refund the money and tell them good luck. A company dont need jerks like that.


I received a supposedly Bot email this morning saying my post on Cannon Hinnant had been flagged by several people in the community as inappropriate and was being taken down. After 10 or 15 minutes the whole thread was deleted. WTH. Apparently it was my comment, “White lives don’t matter”.


No, I’m in DMV. :upside_down_face:

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Okay. To me that means “Department of Motor Vehicles”. :crazy_face: I’m guessing not what you meant. Lol.


DC-MD-VA :rofl:


Alrighty then. :cowboy_hat_face: Thanks.

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I noticed a lot of non-member posts with questionable intent.


Broadly speaking, I think asking USCCA to look into an instructor (who is basically a representative of the company) is totally fine, but there is a time and place for it. In the middle of a totally separate thread on a different topic isn’t it. We’ve had too many otherwise useful threads go off the rails and then eventually get locked because of that.

Specifically to this situation, we should be careful to let whatever process USCCA has to review this type of situation take its course. We see enough cancel-culture everywhere else…


There has been a lot of new or new-ish posting what appears to be anti-gun views. The question is, is that because so many new gun owners who maybe are accustomed to holding those views? Or is it flat-out trolling behavior?


@Harvey I’m all about helping new gunowners. Most of the community will bend over backwards to provide sound answers. Great to have open discussions about firearms related topics. For new gunowners, many in the community have been supporting 2A for decades. Anyone else remember the last “assault” weapon ban (The Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act)? 10 years of utter feel-good nonsense. The old-timers 2A work is the reason you can legally still buy a firearm today and businesses like USCCA exist…


As I understand it, the community is an open forum. You do not have to be a member to view or post.


Please send issues regarding instructors to

I will forward this thread to them as well, however emailing them directly is the correct way to report an issue.

Links to this topic posted in other threads is considered off topic in the other threads as will be deleted.



Thanks! Typing on my phone and missed my typo!