Question: Slide sighting

I want to know as well

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I regret spoiler alert coming…

was a fascinating episode, as you know they’re true stories in documentary style, Lt is well liked, saw it years ago… the ep goes…

"A big bully exited a car and charged the (good) man, in SD - the man shot towards the bully’s shoulder, but the defender was such a competitive marksman, he tried to avoid the chest, but the problem was the bullet hit the shoulder then spun to the lungs and heart, the bully died

As he bled, the shooter attempted first aid…"


Was it justified? Should he have aimed for the chest to avoid an innocent getting hurt? Despite the imminent death, was he not prepared in the skill of first aid? How do you train to cope with the aftermath?

If I recall correctly, the shooter was acquitted. He suffered such guilt, he committed suicide some days or months later.

Riveting, how it resonated with our community, just wish I could find it again. Anyone who has ID Investigation Discovery Channel on there smart tv ap, just might find it. If so, please post the season, ep #, and title.

There is no possible way to answer any of those questions with so little information

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