Question regarding the 2 day USCCA Instructor training

You have to complete the online training for before that. Got it. Next question, Day 1, what book do they use for this? is it Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals? Is there a book? If so, which is it.


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Yes, have your book. I personally took notes on things that I thought about. I would even bring your laptop!
Dress professional, as if you were going to be in front of important people. Your professionalism is important. You will be covering the CCHD book in detail!

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If you do not already have a copy of the CCHDF book, do not buy one before the class. Once your Training Counselor submits you as certified you will receive an instructor kit with ten books in it, along with other items like posters, cap, and shirt.
Rather than take notes in the book I think it better to take notes as you prefer in a notebook or computer. When you receive the instructor kit there will be time to walk through the book alongside your class notes.
Tip: include in your notes not only content to teach, but, more importantly, tips on how to deliver the information to students. Be sure to have notes on how you should demonstrate actions and how you should have them show you the actions.

Good luck! I really enjoyed my instructor class experience.


To clarify, I am taking the instructor course. Which book will they issue? THANKS

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I was referring to the instructor course in my reply above. I completed CCHDF Instructor class last February. And yes, you do not need to have the CCHDF book at the class. You will receive ten of them when you get yoru instructor kit.
If you already own the book bring it to class, but no need to pop another $35 for one before class.


The instructor course is based around the CCHDF book. As was stated you will get in your instructor kit you paid for as part of the course cost 10 of these books. Your e learning will give you a good basis to walk into class ready to learn. When Cindy and I do our instructor classes we do have copies of the book for students to use during the class. With the way the home team has the instructor kit logistics set up once your class is done and your counselor pushes the passed button next business day your kit is shipped last class we ran I had one instructor get their kit in 7 days, that was Wisconsin to Florida for shipping. Don’t feel bad about asking a batch of questions to your counselor before, during and after your class We all have decided that we have more or less adopted a new kid with every new instructor we train. Or I’m here every other day or so if you have more questions.

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