Question on law meaning in SC

(5) “Concealable weapon” means a firearm having a length of less than twelve inches measured along its greatest dimension that must be carried in a manner that is hidden from public view in normal wear of clothing except when needed for self-defense, defense of others, and the protection of real or personal property.

Given the above portion of the law, is it safe to assume if I conceal carry and the gum prints minimally during walking etc, I am ok if it prints heavily when reaching for something?

Waiting on my permit and just want to make sure before I go out in public with it.

I have been concealed carrying in my house owb for a few weeks and my family hasn’t noticed. Now starting to carry iwb and it is really only noticeable if I bend over or reach for something.


You have already passed the best test :point_up:

I have been concealed carrying in my house owb for a few weeks and my family hasn’t noticed.

Using IWB your firearm is gonna be less noticeable than OWB.
Remember that you will see your concealed firearm ALL THE TIME… but it will be invisible for the others.

Does your State’s Gun Law say anything about “printing” or “partially concealed”?


In general, I try to conceal as well as I can and wear clothing to minimize the risk of “printing” by making sure my shirt is long enough and loose enough for that purpose. I think it is not possible to avoid “printing” 100% of the time in everyday life. However, 99.99% of the time, other people will not notice or those that do won’t care.

Consequences of “printing” will vary greatly depending on the state or municipality you are in, the attitude of the general population where you are, and who responds if someone does complain.

As mentioned, you’re already ahead of the game since you are practicing at home. The most applicable advice I received is to be comfortable enough with how you are carrying so that you don’t keep checking because that will draw more attention that unintentional “printing”.


In Virginia, the permit is a concealed handgun permit (CHP), and there is no maximum length, it just must be a handgun. ATF rules are that a handgun is a firearm with a barrel less than 16" with short stock designed to be gripped by one hand and at an angle to and extending below the line of the bore(s).

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Not that I know of. The only piece I found was what I posted earlier.

As a general rule, SC is pretty pro 2A.

I do plan on researching more over the weekend when I don’t have to worry about the pesky four letter word…Work.

Thanks for the advice.


In S.C. there is no printing law. I just wear T-shirt’s during the summer. A friend of mine had a conversation about this with his friend that is a judge. In S.C. even if you wear an open mesh style shirt (see thru) the gun is considered concealed

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Thanks. If I couldn’t find it in the law I was going to contact SLED.

You saced me the trouble.

Don’t think there’s too much trouble in SC however, in my neck of the woods…
This is how I know I’m printing!
My only recommendation is, if you’re new to carry, don’t touch it or maneuver it in any way while in public!


You are correct, if you are going to adjust, do it when you get out of the truck or car. I have only had a reaction one time while standing in line at a Target with a young girl around 7 years old. My friend was standing in the check out line behind her and her mother and told me about it.

And nothing about printing… but then, Virginia is an open carry state, so, if you carry concealed (even with just a jacket over the weapon) and it is seen either in printing or if the wind blows your covering garment and it is seen, no problem.

Just don’t draw it and point it unless you really need to. ‘scaring someone’ is NOT looked upon as valid.


Always careful about printing. that said carry cross side at 10 or 11, wear a button down sport shirt in summer. Went to pick up a few items at the store, put my keys in the shirt chest pocket. Couple of folks looked at me so i checked, weight of keys sucked shirt over the grip & easy to see I had something there, removed keys all good. Live & learn

Wow, they actually looked?

Most around here are not usually too concerned, and and there are of course those that do not even notice… even if an elephant walked past them they would not notice… but very few who actually get ‘googly eyed’ and apoplectic if they see a firearm.

There are those who look, just to see what you might be carrying, and compare…

yeah folks don’t care much around my town either, open carry state. Thought it was odd, couple gals getting a cart & one fella walking in. People look to see if they know you but this was different.