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Was the visit because he was a lone person? Why don’t LEOs do the same for the Crips, Bloods, MS-13, etc? My personal opinion is that those ppl will put up a hell of a fight possibility killing LEOs.


Are there known examples of crips or bloods, known person at a known location, explicitly threatening POTUS, when POTUS is visiting the area, and nothing being done/nobody showing up?

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The gang bangers I know, and I know a few, know much better than to attract that kind of attention to themselves. Not to mention, since laws and law enforcement mean little to them I doubt who’s currently in the White House matters much.


Point taken. However, none of them were posting obvious threats to assassinate elected officials. That is the issue I was addressing here.

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When he attempted to assassinate Edwin Walker, Lee Harvey Oswald traveled to his home by city bus, with his rifle. He took his shot at Walker and traveled back to his apartment by bus again.

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They might not post about killing an elected official, but they do post when one gang is going to murder another gang’s member by crossing out their handle and write 187 over it.

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That’s a pretty big difference…posting about killing POTUS vs…not.

That’s not assistance, that is transportation.

I’m not sure I follow the suggestion on the investigation and his mobility.

Is the FBI/whomever supposed to go ask the friends and family of the guy who threatened to kill POTUS how much of a threat he is/how mobile he is, and just…take their word for it? And if friends report that he’s not dangerous…don’t do anything?

Interview neighbors? Why not investigate the person, instead of just killing him?

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I think they were trying to investigate him, with due caution/diligence, and he tried to kill them

Obviously, you have made that clear numerous times. The FBI never lies about anything.

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Totality of the circumstances.

Guy openly threatening to kill POTUS who has pointed his gun at people/police before, not hard at all to believe he pointed his gun at the FBI too

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Yes, and we were told the shots were “safe and effective” and that the masks worked. Too many have been killed in these types of raids - clearly designed to produce the results we see and make the gullible believe the government’s version. I will believe it when the facts are revealed.


Yup. I am absolutely sure that there are many encounters every day where a perp points a gun at the police. Sometimes the perp is taken down but many times the perp is “urged” to give up peacefully. When you drop a flash grenade outside of a guys house in the wee hours of the morning you can be damn certain he’s gonna grab his guns. I sure as hell would.


Just to add some fuel to the conversation…
The Homeowner (White) was sleeping w/ his Wife in the wee
hours of the morning, House dark, in Farmington, New Mexico this year (2023)
People respond to a ‘Domestic’ (to the wrong house/address)
They awaken the home owner and he appears in his doorway w/ a firearm and they
shoot him dead… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Makes me think (20) Officers didn’t correctly, LOUDLY identify themselves!
(were trigger happy) and Investigated him to death!


I like watching Leito’s Law on YT. His latest video is about corrupt cops stealing money ppl they pulled over. Paraphrasing a cpl of his points:

  1. corrupt cops and politicians should be given the longest sentences on the first guilty conviction
  2. there are still good cops out there doing a tuff job

My reply is: I don’t know who are the good cops from the corrupt ones. Therefore I have to treat them all the same. I am not talking to you until I have a lawyer present and I am going to record everything!