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Welcome to the family brother @Michael804 and God bless you.


Hello and welcome @Michael804


Just about every time I leave the house. Bought safes for the vehicles for when I can’t carry somewhere. At home there is usually a weapon within a few feet of wherever I’m at.


If my pants are on, my sidearm is on!
If my pants are off I’m less than 2 seconds from a firearm! Small house!


I carried a 1911 cock ed and locked for many many years when I was younger. I carry one now but seldom. Also have to remember there is a grip safety on 1911s with the exception of maybe some smaller micros semi 1911s like the sig 938. External safety on the 938 what you have and that’s it. If you were well trained with one I don’t find them unsafe at all.

All that said these days I’m usually carrying a striker fired micro 9 mm the Springfield hellcat. If I’m such a 1911 fan why do I carry a striker fired? They are simpler to operate, usually higher capacity in a smaller lighter package, and easier to conceal. I think because of design they are inherently safer. But again the 1911 is not unsafe you just must be trained with one.


If anyone calls @Shamrock a slacker, I’ll have words with them. A slacker you are not. You are a productive member of this community and an obvious provider for your family. You’ve made smart, sensible, calculated decisions to do the best you can with what you have. That’s what the rest of us strive to do as well. If your circumstances are different than others, you either live with them or change them. I’m not going to tell you to do anything differently.

I work in a state that is currently considering legislation that would kneecap my ability to carry. For reasons I won’t get into, I won’t change jobs to carry the heater everywhere. I’ll do like you: the best I can with what I have. And I’d be in good company.


You might want to prepare yourself for a call from my wife the next time she feels I haven’t done my share of the house chores;)


You got me there! :rofl: