Question about Universal Background Checks

Can you bypass the background check when you use your gun as collateral for a loan? Example: I’ll put up this shiny new Loudnboomer pistol if you lend me $100. Yes, it violates the spirit of the law but so what?


Not all states require it. You are in what state? Only if the Pawn shop owner wants to lose his license. Can you use a friend or relative? :us:

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Bruce, Good point. I wasn’t thinking of a Pawn shop transaction…just 2 private citizens. Sorry for the confusion I caused. I’m in Virginia.


If both sides keep it under the table, I would do the same thing. :wink:


If you’re asking for legal advice… In Virginia, that answer would likely be “no” you cannot bypass the background check law since it applies to all private transfers whether temporary (as in a “loan” or borrow for the weekend) or permanent (as in a sale).